Bratislava: Slovakia's 72-hour city

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 66

 Bratislava as seen from UFO obserbation deck (photo credit: @MarkDavidPod   )
Bratislava as seen from UFO obserbation deck
(photo credit: @MarkDavidPod )

Bratislava lies on the majestic Danube. It's a compact capital city with something to please everyone: two castles, great food and lots of fascinating Jewish history - and not just the story of the Hatam Sofer (Rabbi Moses Schreiber).

This time:

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a choo-choo train - sort of
  • Historic Bratislava Castle
  • Meeting the city's Jewish community
  • The gallery literally in the middle of the Danube
  • Devin: Where castles, rivers and daring escapes all meet
  • A real UFO. Honestly
  • The restaurant with the best view in town
  • The remarkable story of the tomb of the Hatam Sofer
  • Bratislava synagogue and the amazing testimony of a Holocaust survivor
  • Jewish wrestlers, swimmers and the creator of krav maga

Bratislava Castle (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)
Bratislava Castle (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)
UFO observation tower (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)
UFO observation tower (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)

Mark and David were guests of the Bratislava Tourist Board. Flights provided with support from World Jewish Travel.

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