Vilnius: Step back in time to Jewish Vilna and marvel at modern Lithuania

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 20

 Bohemian Uzupis, District of Vilnus (photo credit: Courtesy)
Bohemian Uzupis, District of Vilnus
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Mark and David lead a magical tour of Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, located in Eastern Europe but with a strong Scandinavian vibe. They take you back hundreds of years to the Jewish heyday, enter a little-known independent republic within Vilnius and then head for the skies in what Mark describes as "a picnic basket."

This time:

  • An intro to Vilnius, Vilnus or is it Vilna?
  • A 360-degree tour of the city
  • Turn thrice and your dream may come true
  • The old Jewish quarter
  • The Genius of Vilna - the Vilna Gaon
  • Digging into our Jewish history - literally
  • Sitting in the middle of a river
  • Learning more of the Jewish past, present and future of Vilnius
  • A different country within Lithuania? With the BEST constitution EVER
  • A trip to the geographical center of Europe
  • A live view into yet another state
  • To the skies we go in a picnic basket
  • Join in a traditional hair-burning ceremony
  • Magical Trakai castle
  • The Karaites of Trakai
  • An artistic farewell

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