lithuanian jews

Experiencing the Jewish past, present in Vilnius, Riga - opinion

My experiences in Jewish Vilnius and Riga on the ground, although brief, gave me an extraordinary opportunity to discover meaningful aspects of Jewish life in both places.


Israeli med students abroad: 'we'll be forced to take exams on Yom Kippur'

Jewish students at LSMU University shared that they were "forced to participate in classes and/or exams on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, against their traditions and beliefs."


Why do we mourn on Tisha Be'av? - opinion

Tisha Be’Av asks the ultimate questions, the same ones which Job confronted: Why do we lose what is most precious? Why do we suffer?

Ponar poaland

Two Holocaust memorials smeared with antisemitic, pro-Russian slurs

"The Ponary massacre" took place between 1941 and 1944 near the railway station at Ponary (now Paneriai), About 100,000 Jews, Poles and Russians, were murdered.


Antique machzor makes aliyah

150-year-old machzor finds its way home

Lithuania's speaker talks on her first visit to Israel

Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, who is also a chess grandmaster, talks about her first visit to Israel.


Uncovering a family's tragic Holocaust story

Like many of my generation, brought up in the safe confines of South Africa during and after the Second World War, I assumed that my whole family was as fortunate as my father and his siblings.


Lithuania, March of the Living to march in memory of Holocaust

A memorial ceremony will see the participants march from the Rudninku Square in Vilnius, which was the site of the Jewish ghetto during the Holocaust and concluded at Ponar, the site of a mass grave.


Remains of Torah Ark destroyed by Nazis found in Lithuania

A Torah ark is what holds the Torah scrolls. The bimah refers to a raised platform with a reading desk in a synagogue.

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