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Consider placing the sofa set in the corner of the room to preserve space and emphasize the rooms fresh look.(Photo by: SHUTTERSTOCK)
Designing your home: From the basics to the luxurious
Home is the place to decorate and design according to your personal taste and style. The interior design process is a long, but fruitful journey. Every step must be planned carefully: From meeting with the interior designer to planning the colors & styles around the house and setting the room designs to finally passing the plan on to a construction company. In order to make the process as efficient as possible, we'll start from the beginning, dividing the plan into work phases which can be implemented step by step.
Meeting with the interior designer
When you meet at the designer's office, come prepared with the look and feel of the new design you want. First of all, you must decide whether you want a vintage home design based on wood-like brown shades or a modern one based on white, off-white and white cream colors. The next step is deciding on the home's motif: Do you want a rural one, with round doors and window frames, as well as round telescopic cupboard handles throughout the house? Or would you prefer an urban setting with rectangular shapes as the focus? 
Phase No. 1 – Exterior & interior doors
Small apartments encounter problems with storage and lack of space. Rooms in a small apartment are not equally divided by square meter so every room has different options for storage according to the allotted space. In order to save space in small apartments -- and also to give them a classic design -- you can add interior sliding doors. Sliding doors can masterfully upgrade the interior design of a room. First, they are easy to use -- with just a quick push you can open the door. Second, sliding doors are beautifully designed. Pandoor interior doors ltd has a unique collection of sliding doors especially for interior rooms at home. Sliding interior doors of Pandoor come in white, cream and wood colors. 
For more information, visit דלתות
An interior door in a luxury designed home
Phase No. 2 – Cupboards & sliding closets
Now it is time to handle the problem of storage and to choose new cupboards for storage solutions. A cupboard may be an open-door closet with two to four open doors or a sliding one with two sliding plates. The latter preserves some free space, which averages 1 to 1.5 meters compared to the open-door closet. More design options include adding printed glass, mirrors and decorative stickers. Doorknobs are easy to design. Metal or wooden doorknobs in different shapes are popular designs. 
For more information about closets visit –ארונות 
More design options include adding printed glass, mirrors and decorative stickers.
Phase No. 3 – Glass products 
Using glass in interior design can easily upgrade your home. Designers often choose to feature glass bathroom and kitchen items, since these products create a feeling of a large and spacious room. They also create a luxury design feel. Common glass products for the home are glass railings, glass wall cladding, kitchen and bathroom cladding and door coatings.
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Phase No. 4 – Interior design for rooms
After setting the general home design, it is now time to design the rooms. Room design is unique in every case, but it can usually be divided like this:
The living room – This is the main room of the house and the one in which you welcome your guests. A new leather sofa set fits for most living rooms, suitable for most home designs, whether it has a modern, rural or urban look. Consider placing the sofa set in the corner of the room to preserve space and emphasize the room's fresh look. For more information, visit: 

Consider placing the sofa set in the corner of the room to preserve space and emphasize the room's fresh look
Consider placing the sofa set in the corner of the room to preserve space and emphasize the room's fresh lookThe kitchen – In the kitchen, a closet with sliding doors is highly recommended as a space saver. A similar set of drawers will turn your kitchen into the perfect room. If you are looking for a vintage look for your kitchen, concentrate on wooden storage units in brown shades. 
The bathroom – The designing rules for the bathroom are quite similar to the kitchen. Adding a grand mirror near the main closet or on the closet doors is a very popular choice.  For more information, visit רהיטים
Phase No. 5 – Designing  the yard
There are two main sections to design in the yard:
The swimming pool – The pool may be purchased as a Jacuzzi set or standalone. It can be designed as a hot tub with wooden railings or can be installed in-ground. In the latter case, the pool is usually made of fiberglass or thermoplastic materials, which are more expensive. For more information visit בריכות שחיה ביתיות 
The awnings – Awnings are common in most gardens and balconies. Getting electrical awnings are best, so that you can effortlessly close and open them. Pergolas can be put in the yard's wall or in a random spot inside it, based on its four pillars. In the former case only, the roof can be completely folded inside. In the latter case, one can only control the shutters' angle on the roof. The decision to use an umbrella or a pergola should be made with a specialist, based on the advice of your interior designer. For more interesting ideas for garden designs visit–סוככים

Phase No. 6 – Explore Your Kitchen
Kitchens are for family time, for good dinners, laughter and fun. They are a space for cooking and working together to make great meals for your loved ones. Kitchen designing is a work of art with the goal of creating the best space for your needs. Kitchen designers will help you create an amazing work space in the kitchen, whether you prefer to cook next to a marble stove or sit next to a table. Finding the proper cooking space is crucial in order to make the kitchens more functional and useful, even if your kitchen has limited space. Kitchen designers will also focus on storage solutions for the kitchen. Even if you already have kitchen cupboards, kitchen designers will make them even better with smart solutions for storing pots, pans, dinnerware and more. For further information about great kitchens visit - מטבחים

Finding the proper cooking space is crucial in order to make the kitchens more functional and useful

Concept Designs for business
This may surprise you, but concept design trends are most often used by wedding halls. Concept design is on full display at Kala Wedding Halls in Haifa. Every event at Kala is designed in a different conceptual style. For example, the Moka Concept reveals wondrous lights, designed tables, luxury sofas in the corner of the hall and a magical garden design. Every place in the hall is designed uniquely for the occasion and is customized by the hall's team.
For more information about the unique design, visit –גן אירועים בצפון 
The luxury line of interior design


Home designs are mostly influenced by the personal taste of its occupants. If someone wants to feel like the countryside is right in their kitchen, massive wooden furniture should be used to create the effect. But if someone truly wants the look and feel of luxury design, the design will look much different. The luxury design of an apartment is determined mostly by the architect and interior designer. The exterior of luxury apartments in Israel have a unique design, as created by the architect. These luxury designs are instantly recognizable today in private houses, penthouses and cottages. As for the interior design, the luxury distinction is made with classic bright colors, such as white. Luxury design also combines other colors, such as black and gold, metal colors and more, creating beautiful designs with bright colors. 
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