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Camel spiders' hidden evolutionary tree uncovered by Israeli researchers

They aren’t spiders and don’t bug dromedaries, but a scorpion that existed before the disappearance of dinosaurs.

Psychedelic rock gecko should be priority for conservationists - study

The psychedelic rock gecko faces loss of habitat and overharvesting alongside 484 species of reptiles.

Alien species are invading countries, endangering biodiversity

A new report alarmingly reveals that over 37,000 alien species are rapidly spreading across the globe due to human activities.

Books on mushroom foraging written by AI may have disastrous consequences

The books clearly make nonsensical and incorrect statements. The Guardian claims to have failed to reach any of the supposed authors of the books.

Rare 'blue supermoon' rises over Israel, won't return until 2037

The blue supermoon is the brightest and the largest full moon of 2023.

Rare 'blue supermoon' to rise this week, won't return until 2037

The coming full moon will be the brightest and the largest of 2023.

Purring predators: The adorable secret of saber-toothed tigers

The purring domestic cats of today may have more in common with their fearsome prehistoric ancestors than we thought.

Mummified bees from time of King Solomon found off coast of Portugal

Many such fossilized cocoons have been found, some going back 100 million years in the fossil record, yet none so far have been found with the preserved body of its occupant still inside.

What did people eat 5,000 years ago? Ancient cauldrons give a hint

New research methods allow us to know what food was cooked in which pot during the Mykop period (3700-2900 BCE).

New sea creature discovered by scientists in the Antarctic

It looks like something out of a sci-fi film but the research team insist that it is one of many of this strange type of underwater life.

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