Delve into the realms of cutting-edge technologies that are propelling us further into the cosmos and unravel the mysteries of the universe with the latest scientific research.

Jupiter-like planet observed spiraling off 950 light years from Earth

The planet hurtles around its star at close proximity as its atmosphere leaches out and trails around it, forming the largest known planetary structure anywhere in space.

Asteroid the size of 81 bulldogs to pass Earth on Wednesday - NASA

Asteroid 2021 JA5 is around the size of 81 bulldogs, the symbol of the college football team of the University of Georgia. But it won't hit us – hopefully the Bulldog team will have better luck.


India's Chandrayaan-3 lander detects 'moonquake' during two week mission

Electrical signals are generated when tremors cause springs within the machinery to move, allowing the scientists to construct models of what has occurred.

Mission accomplished, India puts moon rover to 'sleep'

Now India is hoping for the success of a probe launched on Saturday to study the sun, observing solar winds that can cause disturbance on Earth commonly seen as auroras.


An Earth-like planet may be hanging out in the outer solar system - study

A planet about 1.5-3 times as massive as Earth could help explain peculiar properties of the outer solar system.

After the moon, India sets sights on studying the sun with rocket mission

Pushed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has privatized space launches and is looking to open the sector to foreign investment as it targets a five-fold increase in its share of the global launc


Black holes may be causing mature galaxies to stop producing new stars

Scientists have long suggested that the supermassive black holes in these galaxies are interacting with the gas clouds to prev

NASA sends 4 to International Space Station in SpaceX Crew-7 mission

A crew of four astronauts are headed for the International Space Station as part of NASA's SpaceX Crew-7 mission for a number of scientific experiments.

Scientists spot edge of supermassive black hole for first time accidentally - study

Supermassive black holes sit at the center of many galaxies and are often surrounded by accretion disks that they feed on. Scientists observed a previously unexplored region near one – by accident.


Saturn visible in Israel's night sky at its brightest

While the rings won't be visible to the naked eye any small backyard telescope should show the rings, which will appear as bright oval-shaped disks.

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