11 Gay pPride Month Ideas Your Ccompany Can Ddo This June

 Love is love. One of the Pride month slogans displayed on a train station wall. (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
Love is love. One of the Pride month slogans displayed on a train station wall.
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

As June comes around the bend, don’t catch yourself scratching your head over what to do for Pride. It can be stressful when you want to show support but don’t know how to. 

In this article, I’ll be going over the most fabulous things your company can do this Gay Pride Month. Spoilers: a rainbow logo is a good start ;)

If you’re an HR manager, business owner, or team leader who wants to get their company involved with Pride then this article is for you. So let’s think outside of the closet because this month is all about inclusion, equality, and being who you really are!

Table of Context

Who celebrates

How Pride started

  1. Educate your team
  2. Give back to the co
  3. Virtual lecture on Pride
  4. Happy hour
  5. Decorate your office
  6. LGBTQ+ trivia night
  7. Sponsor a float at Pride Parade
  8. Subsidize a surrogate baby for same-sex couples
  9. Inclusive bathrooms for all genders
  10. Genderless language in emails and copy
  11. Don't just talk about it, DO IT

What to avoid (Rainbow Washing)

How Pride can help your business


Who Celebrates Gay Pride Month?

Since the Stonewall Riots of 1969 (more on that later) the gay rights movement has been fighting toward equality and inclusion with pride. That doesn't mean that only members of the LGBTQ+ communities are celebrating.

Not at all.

Pride is about everyone taking part, and is celebrated by people of every gender and sexual orientation. Pride month opens the door of opportunity for companies to talk about diversity, equality, and creating an inclusive workplace for everyone. To learn more about the history of pride month, check out this important article.

LGBTQ youth at Pride Parade with Israeli flag (Credit: Photo Via pexels - Aleks Magnusson)LGBTQ youth at Pride Parade with Israeli flag (Credit: Photo Via pexels - Aleks Magnusson)

Without further ado, sit back, relax and get ready to have the best Pride Month you’ve ever had!

  1. Educate your team 

The first step to making any change is getting educated. Online live learning platforms like Amphy make it easy to order live virtual lectures on LGBTQ+ and more for your team, no matter where they’re based. It's not only the easiest way to get involved this Pride Month; it’s also a great way to bring your team together.

They say if you want to change the world you must start with yourself. Ensuring queer people of all backgrounds feel safe and welcome at your workplace is an excellent start.

    2. Give back to the community

It's always helpful to donate money to important causes. Direct donations or promotions with proceeds going towards LGTBQ+ organizations can both show your company’s support and actually make a big difference. You can donate to several wonderful causes such as ACLU, Out & Equal, SAGE, and The Attic Youth Center just to name a few.

    3. Gay bingo 

For teams with remote workers, this one is especially handy. You can book Pride-themed virtual activities, like virtual Gay Bingo night, and have everyone playing together no matter where they are based. Remote teams from all over the world can come together and take part in pride month in a fun and playful way.

    4. Pride Month happy hour

Happy hour is a tradition beloved by the workforce all over the globe. During this magical time, you get to put aside your work for a while and relax over a few drinks. This is a perfect opportunity to make everyone's favorite time of the week all about Pride. 

Serve colorful drinks, decorate with the traditional rainbow flag, and set up your favorite Pride Playlist in the background.

    5. Decorate your office for Pride

Setting an atmosphere to remind your team what the month of June is all about goes a long way. We weren’t always allowed to show pride like this in company workplaces. This June, join the party and show everyone in the office just how excited you are for Pride month. 

Office employees celebrating pride with flags (Credit: AdobeStock)Office employees celebrating pride with flags (Credit: AdobeStock)

    6. Gay trivia night

Trivia games are a fun work activity that brings the team closer together. All you need is a charismatic host, good questions, and a team that likes to have fun. 

Ordering a pride-themed trivia night for your team with LGBTQ+-related questions really sets the mood. You’ll laugh, learn, and find out who is the master of gay trivia. 

    7. Sponsor a float at your local Pride Parade

The main event of Pride month is the Gay Pride Parade. All over the world parades are held to openly celebrate the strides towards equality that we’ve made as a society. You can go with your friends or loved ones and see incredible floats with all kinds of decorations and dancers. 

You can have your very own company float that proudly promotes yourself and your support of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s an effective and dramatic display of pride.

    8. Subsidize a surrogate baby for same-sex couples

Not every same-sex couple has the funds for a surrogate baby. When biological conception isn’t an option the alternatives can be very expensive. Many companies help these couples by subsidizing the cost to have a surrogate child. Your company can help someone’s dreams come true and help them start a family. 

    9. Inclusive bathrooms for all genders

When nature calls it doesn’t have to be an identity crisis for everyone. For as long as bathrooms have existed there have only been separate men’s and women’s bathrooms. In support of the LGBTQ+ employees and community, accommodating people other than cisgender males and females' needs is a big step. 

   10. Use genderless language in emails and copy

Words have power. Words hurt. I’m sure you’ve all heard these expressions and understand the weight they carry. When writing a copy, whether it’s an email, newsletter, memo, or what have you, pay attention to the gendered words you use. 

You have the power to either make everyone feel included, or offend and segregate valuable members of your team. Enforcing genderless language within your company shows your empathy towards all walks of life. 

    11. Don't just talk about it, DO IT

When it comes to supporting LGBTQ+ and Pride Month you can’t only talk the talk, you must walk the walk as well. I’m not talking about physically walking at the Pride Parade (although I highly recommend it). I’m talking about taking action and doing what you can to make the world a more accepting, inclusive, and equal place for us to live in. 

We can talk all day about Pride this, gay that, and how important it all is. The only thing that counts at the end of the day is that you picked one or more things from this list and put it to practice.  

What to Avoid (Rainbow washing)

Before we wrap this up I want to mention what not to do this month of June. There’s an issue with companies that use the rainbow imagery in their brand as a marketing gimmick. They look like they are progressive and support LGBTQ+ but put only the minimum effort in. 

This is what is referred to as “Rainbow Washing”.

Please, for the love of gay, don’t be one of those brands. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that you aren’t rainbow washing.

  • Show support all year-round. Yes, we have a month dedicated to Pride, but the fight for equality doesn’t end in July. 
  • Make your message clear. Sneaking in a rainbow flag at the bottom of your emails hoping only gay activists notice doesn’t count. Along with your rainbow-themed logos make sure to clearly and explicitly deliver the message of support for the cause.
  • Speak out. Don’t be silent about the issues we face on a daily basis because your voice is important. The impact one company can make on the world is massive. 

How pride campaigns help businesses 

It doesn't hurt that pride month marketing can be extremely profitable for your company.

Unless you live under a rock or inside some closet, you've probably heard of a few Pride campaigns run by famous brands. Brands like Apple, Adidas, Banana Republic, Dr. Martens, and so many more. 

These brands successfully made a statement while increasing brand awareness, attracting investors, and gaining support from new demographics just to name a few. 

Personal gain is not at all the objective of Pride-themed campaigns, but it doesn’t hurt to know that it can help your company. 


People will do their best work when they feel included. Pride month is about more than showing support, it’s about making people feel safe who historically have had to fight for that right. 

The struggle isn’t over yet. All over the world, the LGBTQ+ community is rising up against discrimination, brutality, and injustice.   

You have the opportunity to make great social change in the world. By taking suggestions from this list you can rest assured that you’ve done your part this year for Pride Month. As we get closer to our goals of equality and inclusion, remember to stay positive and keep up the good work all year-round.

So let’s get out of the closets and into the streets! And make this Pride Month one to remember.

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