12 Great Engagement Gift Ideas For Any Couple

Don’t run out of options for engagement gift ideas for that newly engaged couple. Check out our unique list of gift ideas with a wide variety of options.

 (photo credit: LIZA LITVINOVICH)
(photo credit: LIZA LITVINOVICH)
Every couple’s engagement deserves to be celebrated for the special occasion that it is. And part of this celebration is the giving of engagement gifts. And while finding unique engagement gift ideas may be hard, with a little guidance you should be able to get the perfect gift for your newly engaged couple. One of the best engagement gifts for couples these days is a bridal subscription box. Subscribing the bride to one can give the couple an engagement and wedding gift all wrapped in one. 

There is usually no registry to rely on with wedding engagement gifts, so coming up with the right engagement gift ideas can be quite a task. Some of the best wedding subscription boxes though might be the solution you’re looking for. The gifts that keep on giving, a bride to be box is sure to keep your bride to be happy from her engagement, through to the wedding. There are even more gifts one can consider for a couple; below are a few more that your couple is sure to love. 

1) Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two

A couple’s journal is always a good idea for unique engagement gift ideas. One where the couple can keep memories of their time together each day. This will help in saving and creating memories that they can one day look back on. This will be an especially genius idea if your couple enjoys writing and journaling, more than capturing memories with videos as many do today. 

A beautiful, handy journal for two will always be on the list of engagement gifts for couples, for creating memories to last a lifetime.

2) Gift Tree Personalized Wine Bottle

When you’re thinking engagement party presents, the wine will always be a great idea. Even better if you can gift personalized versions for your couple. Choose a wine that they are sure to love, and inscribe it with a special message from you to them. 

While the contents of the bottle might not last, they will appreciate the message, and the bottle will remain even longer. 

3) Bridal box subscription

This list would be incomplete without a few words on the best engagement gift ever. A bridal subscription box. As with every gift, it works best to give something that you know you would love to receive yourself. So, why not give your couple a subscription that is sure to put a smile on their faces every month from their engagement up until their wedding; perhaps even the honeymoon.

4) A Wedding Planner

Another on our list of great engagement gifts is a wedding planner. One that you can personalize or not, a wedding planner is definitely a handy and practical gift. A gift that will no doubt be needed once the engagement celebrations are over.

5) A scratch-off map of the world

If you’re looking for engagement gifts for best friends who enjoy traveling the world, then this option should be top of your list. A gift that can help them keep track of every location they have traveled to and plan to, this special fun map will always be appreciated by an adventurous duo. 

6) Remix by Giselle Wasfie Magic Candle Love

These hand-poured love candles are a genius gift for an engagement party. Beautiful, long-lasting, wild and organic candles, scented with essential oils. Each candle illuminates a wish for a loved one when lighted. A gift that is hard not to love. 

7) Customized Ring Dish

Your bride will definitely be needing an extra ring dish now that she has more rings. One that is customized, inscribed with a beautiful message, would be even more meaningful and appreciated by your bride to be. 

8) Classic Bathroom Starter Bundle

Who doesn’t love new bath items, especially if they come in twos for the newest couple in town? Bath towels, robes, a bath mat, and bath rug, these are things that are always needed, always appreciated, and the more the better. If you can personalize them, that would make them even more special to your couple. 

9) Custom Star Map

Create a custom star map that creates a picture with stars of every special moment in the lives of your engaged couple. This will work for your best friends or close family since you would no doubt have witnessed or been a part of most of their special moments. From the day that they met, to their first date or kiss, this map places a star for each special moment in time. You could add custom text at the bottom to make this gift even more unique. 

10) Red: Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (1.5L Magnum) 2014

Not just any wine, but one that your couple is sure to love. A great option whether you’re getting a wedding subscription box or not. The Red: Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is one of great pedigree and superior tastes. A purple-colored wine of sweet oak, delicious berries, and smooth textures. Always a great choice for an engagement party.

11) Create Your Own Terrarium Kit

Create a personalized, mini garden with a Terrarium Kit, uniquely designed with the succulents, foliage moss, and colored pebbles of your choice. A most thoughtful and unique gift that every couple is sure to love. 

12) A Cheese Board

Last but definitely not least on our list of engagement gift ideas, is a delightful and unique cheese board. In making a good choice, you can decide on both size and material for the perfect one. From white oak to walnut or even marble, you can find one that is sure to please. Customize by engraving their names or a meaningful message, and you have a gift that is sure to remain with your couple for many years to come.