The 15 Best Social Media Marketing Courses

 Social Media Marketing Courses (photo credit: AdobeStock)
Social Media Marketing Courses
(photo credit: AdobeStock)

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing skills? If so, then a social media marketing course is the perfect solution. In today's digital age, it's essential to have a strong social media presence if you want your business to succeed. 

A social media marketing course can help you learn how to create and implement a successful social media marketing plan. Not only that, but classes can also help you use different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

So, if you're looking for a way to improve your social media marketing skills, keep reading to find out the best social media course for you. Here's our top 15.

1. Amphy Social Media Marketing Courses

Price: Starting at $15/class

Modules: 4-12

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Hours: 4-16 hours

Amphy is the world's largest marketplace for live online courses and experiences. They offer a plethora of Social media marketing courses to upskill you or your team. The focus on live online courses, as opposed to recorded, presents an added benefit of interaction, engagement, and feedback. It’s a more human way of taking online courses. 

Book a course on Amphy to learn the social media marketing industry inside-out. Gain the skills to grow your audience, boost traffic and engagement, target the proper platforms, and build a killer strategy. It’s the perfect, affordable solution for social media marketers from all backgrounds. 

2. Hubspot Academy Social Media Marketing Course

Price: Free

Modules: 8

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Hours: 4 hours

The Hubspot Academy Social Media Marketing Course is one of the best for aspiring social media marketers and marketing managers. The class focuses on advice to boost social media engagement and how to create a social media strategy. 

You’ll learn about various topics such as:

  • Building a social media strategy
  • Social listening 
  • Content creation
  • Digital advertising
  • Measuring ROI (return on investment)

The course features well-produced videos, a workbook, and free tools you can use in Hubspot.

3. Content, Advertising & Social IMC - Northwestern x Coursera

Price: Free to enroll

Modules: 4

Level: Beginner

Hours: 8

Northwestern University and Coursera teamed up for this engaging course on how to make viral content and effective social marketing. The course is part of a larger Social Media Marketing Specialization course. 

This course focuses on creating authentic, exciting content. It also gives you a rundown on social integrated marketing communications (IMC) and ways to develop a social media marketing strategy. You’ll also learn about advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook. 

4. Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral - Skillshare 

Price: Free for the first two months, $15 per month after that

Modules: 11

Level: Beginner

Hours: 1 hour, 6 minutes

This Skillshare Staff Pick is perfect for you as an aspiring influencer or when running a small business. Taught by artist Cat Coquillette, the course covers the basics of getting a successful social media profile up and running. 

She covers strategies to grow your audience, picking the best platform, and the basics of analytics. Coquillette discusses content creation processes like writing good posts, crafting a bio for your page, and using apps to edit your content so it looks amazing online. 

The course focuses on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

5. Paid Advertising Course - Acadium

Price: Free

Modules: 23

Level: Beginner 

Hours: Varies

This social media marketing course is great if you want to learn more about how to advertise on social media platforms. The beginner-friendly course focuses on creating winning Google Ads, Facebook Ads, landing pages, and more. 

If you’re in charge of running online ads and not sure where to start, this course will help you boost your sales. You'll learn to set and use an ad budget and design great campaigns. 

If you want to bolster your experience after taking the course, Acadium offers portfolio-building opportunities by connecting you to businesses that need someone with your skillset. 

6. Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing Masterclass 2022 - Udemy

Price: $129.99

Modules: 42

Level: Beginner

Hours: 18.5

This course explores meaningful content — it covers strategy, content creation, advertising, SEO, and more. Not only does it cover ways to set up a marketing strategy, but the class also shows you practices to carry your new skills through practice with a social media schedule and planning module. 

You’ll also learn the basics of choosing a platform and writing engaging content. The course covers the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to get your business in the Google Local Search database.

7. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - Google

Price: Free

Modules: 26 

Level: Beginner

Hours: 40

If you want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, try Google’s extensive free course. Packed with video modules and quizzes, the course guides you through every step of online marketing. 

From setting up a web presence, to strategy, to running a search ad, Google covers all the basics. This course doesn’t focus on any one social media platform but gives helpful foundational advice that will apply to any other digital marketing you do once you’ve mastered the topic! 

8. The Strategy of Content Marketing - UC Davis x Coursera

Price: Free to enroll

Modules: 5

Level: Intermediate 

Hours: 20

UC Davis teamed up with Copyblogger and Coursera for this content marketing strategy course

You will learn how to do the following in this 5-week course: 

  • Develop, organize, and manage your strategy 
  • Measure your content marketing effectiveness 
  • Write compelling copy 
  • Build your professional and personal brand and authority via your marketing efforts 

If you’ve gone beyond the basics and want more in-depth education, this course will cover core strategies for acquiring and retaining customer profitability. 

 Influencer posting social media (credit: AdobeStock) Influencer posting social media (credit: AdobeStock)

9. Social Media Advertising - University of Colorado Boulder x Coursera 

Price: Free to enroll

Modules: 5

Level: Beginner 

Hours: 11

This offering is one of the best online social media courses if you want to focus on advertising. Social media platforms exist because of advertisements. Unlike TV or print advertising, social media advertising is possible on smaller budgets. 

This course will cover how small businesses can use advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll learn best practices to set up basic campaigns as well as more advanced strategies such as retargeting your audience. 

10. Social Marketing Certification Course - Hootsuite

Price: Free to take the course, $199 for the certification

Modules: 6

Level: Beginner

Hours: 6 

This course will take you through the basics of social media marketing, and you can opt for certification after taking the optional exam at the end. Starting with an overview of how to choose a suitable platform, the course then delves into the basics of strategy. 

You’ll learn to do the following:

  • Set goals and objectives
  • Track your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Set dates, budget, and define your brand persona
  • Measuring ROI 

After this, the course also covers the basics of social media advertising and content strategy. 

11. Social Media Analytics Course - Quintly 

Price: Free

Modules: 5

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Hours: 11

Quintly’s course covers what you need to know about social media analytics. The self-paced course features videos, quizzes, and readings. 

This is the course for you if you need to dig into the data side of social media marketing. Quintly, a social media analytics company covers how to find KPIs that fit your goals, define action points for your goals, automate reports, and more. 

12. Social Media Quickstarter - Constant Contact

Price: Free

Modules: 8

Level: Beginner

Hours: Varies

Feeling independent? Then Constant Contact’s course is for you. It doesn’t feature a curriculum or schedule. Instead, you choose the area you want to learn about and then select which articles you want to read on the subject. 

The social media marketing course includes refreshers and complete overviews of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more. Each article is short and easy to read. 

13. TikTok Marketing Masterclass - Influencer Marketing Hub

Price: Free

Modules: 11

Level: Beginner

Hours: Varies

Many established courses haven’t caught up to TikTok yet, but this course has! Video content is on the rise, and you’ll want to take advantage of your brand or personal account. 

Video expert Ed Lawrence and influencer Shelby Leimgruber teach the course. Together, they cover ways to work with brands on TikTok, tips to create an authentic brand persona, and how to build your audience. 

14. Social Media Influencer Marketing Mini-Course - Later

Price: Free

Modules: 5

Level: Beginner

Hours: 25 minutes

Beyond paid advertising, there’s the world of influencer marketing you can use to promote products on social media. This mini-course from Later will inform you of what you need to know to get started. 

Gretta van Riel leads this video course. She is the creator of four multi-million dollar eCommerce companies she built using the power of influencer marketing. 

You’ll learn strategies to plan and set goals, ways to choose the right influencers to work with, and how to reach out to partners. 

15. Facebook Blueprint - Meta

Price: Free

Modules: Varies

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Hours: 1-2 hours

Why not go to the source when it comes to social media advertising? Facebook offers many courses to enhance your marketing know-how. You can choose to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Messenger. 

The text-based courses walk you through best practices to get started, pointers to run successful ad campaigns, and more. You’ll learn ways to select campaigns suitable for your goals, how to target your audience, and tips to use Facebook Ads Manager with this social media marketing course. 

Find the Best Social Media Course for You 

So, what do you think? Is taking a social media marketing class worth your time and money? We believe it is. 

Not only will you learn tips to use different platforms to reach your target market, but also ways to create ads that are more likely to be successful. 

Additional Marketing Courses to Consider

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