35 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2022

  (photo credit: Adcore Blog)
(photo credit: Adcore Blog)

Digital marketing involves extensive training and constant reading to stay abreast of new developments. Fortunately, many companies support business owners and marketing professionals with that task.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of 35 top marketing blogs.  

1. Adcore – Our Top Pick

Adcore is an advertising technology company and considered a trusted marketing resource with a website rich in high-quality marketing blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and resources. 

“Must Read”:

2. HubSpot – Best All Around Marketing Blog

HubSpot is an American software company that develops and markets inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software. The Hubspot blog covers a wide range of marketing topics.

“Must Read”:

3. Moz – A Cutting Edge SEO Blog

Moz conducts comprehensive analytical data and deep SEO research to simplify SEO for its readers. 

“Must Read”:

4. Neil Patel – Top Marketer

Neil Patel, a New York Times Best Selling Author, shares his marketing prowess through his blog page. 

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Build an Amazing Marketing Team”
  • “How to Do An Effective SWOT Analysis for Your Marketing Campaigns”

5. Content Marketing Institute - Best for Quality Articles

The Content Marketing Institute publishes high-quality articles on enhancing your content writing. 

“Must Read”:

  • “7 Elements to Cultivate a Prosperous Content Culture.” 
  • “An Inside Look at One of the Most Ambitious and Successful Content Strategies.” 

6. MarketingProfs – Best in Changing Marketing Strategies

The MarketingProfs library is full of engaging articles, courses, guides, reports, charts, podcasts, and more. 

“Must Read”:

  • “Web Accessibility: Is Your Marketing Campaign Reaching Its Maximum Audience?” “Create a Customer Success Team from Scratch in 10 Steps.” 

7. Copyblogger –  Best for Writing Amazing Copy 

Copyblogger’s website provides excellent copywriting advice. 

“Must Read”:

  • “3 Simple Questions that Help You Write Better Headlines.” 
  • “How to Write Subheadings that Hook (and Re-hook) Your Readers.” 

8. Semrush – Best at SEO Advice

The Semrush blog features general SEO articles written in a practical format.

“Must Read”:

  • “Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are & How to Find Them.” 
  • “How to Do a Competitor Analysis (Including Template).” 

9. Marketo – Best Everything-Marketing Blog

Marketo, by Adobe, is a great place to take a “deep dive” into marketing information.

“Must Read”:

  • “5 Steps for Marketers to Prepare for the Coming Cookie Disruption.” 
  • “The New Breed of Marketers | 5 Attributes That Distinguish New Marketers.” 

10. Search Engine Journal – Latest SEO Developments 

Search Engine Journal concentrates on current trends and best practices in the SEO industry.

“Must Read”:

  • “13 Must-Have Elements of an Exceptional Blog Post.” 
  • “14 Must-Know Tips for Crawling Millions of Webpages.” 

11. Rebrandly – Best in Links

Rebrandly focuses on utilizing marketing links to improve the click-through rate on websites.

“Must Read”:

  • “What is a URL Shortener?” 
  • “10 Amazing Personal Branding Examples.” 

12. ConversionXL – Best in Conversion Optimization

The ConversionXL blog concentrates solely on conversion rates. 

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Build an Audience with Social Media Brand Marketing.” 
  • “A Guide to Reputation Management: Build an Audience of Superfans.” 

13. Paperform Blog –  Awesome Forms Tool and Blog 

The Paperform Blog concentrates on growing your business through factual stories, current trends, and practical strategies.

“Must Read”:

  • “Transformed: The Story of Paperform’s New Visual Identity.”
  • “10 Local Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business.” 

14. Social Marketing Writing –  Best at Social Media Marketing

The Social Marketing Writing blog will help you get in front of those who frequently scroll social media platforms.

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Run a Content Audit –  Save This Checklist.”
  • “12 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube, Fast in 2022.”

15. Copyhackers – Best in Training Copywriters

Learn to write better blogs through the Copyhackers’ blogs and writing courses. 

“Must Read”:

  • “What is Conversion Copywriting? Definition From the OG.”
  • “Can Brand Voice Be Your Differentiator? If It’s Unique Enough.” 

Credit: Avel Chuklanov, UnspleshCredit: Avel Chuklanov, Unsplesh

16. Compose.ly Blog – Simplifies Content Marketing

Quickly learn how to implement successful content strategies using the Compose.ly marketing blogs. 

“Must Read”:

  • “Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working.” 
  • “20 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Content Marketing (with Answers).” 

17. VistaCreate Blog –  Combines Marketing and Design

VistaCreate has embraced today’s need to combine visuals with written text to take on social media marketing. 

“Must Read”:

  • “Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses in 2022: The Ultimate Guide.” 
  • “How to Design Instagram Infographics That Drive Engagement.” 

18. ProBlogger – How to Write Great Blogs

ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse shares his experience writing amazing blogs.

“Must Read”:

  • “11 Ways to Create More Compelling Content for Your Blog.” 
  • “Giving Underperforming Posts a Second Chance With Updates.” 

19. Instapage – Best at Attractive Landing Pages

The Instapage blog explains how to design landing pages that will make your conversion rate soar!

“Must Read”:

  • “Is Your Landing Page Strategy Recession-Ready?” 
  • “8 Examples of Effe4ctive DTC Advertising.” 

20. Unbounce – Best at Landing Page Conversion 

Discover tips on the Unbounce blog to improve your landing page conversion rate.

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Optimize Your Business Blod [Checklist].” 
  • “Your Blog, Your Rules – Why Marketing Should Always Begin at Home.” 

21. Inflow – Best at Advertising and Optimization

Inflow shares information on where to allocate your advertising budget, how to create an e-commerce strategy, and how to conduct a competitor analysis.

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Create an SEO Content Brief: Free Downloadable Template.” 
  • “How to Optimize E-Commerce Category Pages for SEO.” 

22. Search Engine Land - Best for Breaking Marketing News

Search Engine Land explores what’s new in digital marketing news, current trends in technology, featured announcements in the industry, and new products on other marketing platforms.

“Must Read”:

  • “4 Facebook App Strategies to Reduce Costs.” 
  • “How to Use Relationships to Level Up Your SEO.”

23. Avoma – Best Help for Marketing Professionals

The Avoma blog addresses real problems confronting businesses today, including cold calls, remote onboarding, effective discovery calls, and cross-functional collaboration.

“Must Read”:

  • “8 Calendar Management Practices to Improve Your Productivity in the Remote Work Environment.” 
  • “How to Improve Your Account Management and Customer Retention.” 

24. Serpstat –  Useful Tips for Those New to SEO

Serpstat offers detailed digital marketing information in an understandable format. 

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Boost On-Page SEO Like a Pro.” 
  • “Top 20 Internet Marketing Technologies You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022.” 

25. Marketing Land –  Best for MarTech Professionals

Marketing Land addresses the challenges marketers face using creative marketing blogs from the marketer’s point of view.

“Must Read”: 

  • “5 Quick Web Page Fixes Any Blogger Can Make.” 
  • “Here’s Why Bloggers Give Up (And How You Can Stay On Track).” 

26. Capturly Blog – Best for Website Conversion

Capturly features improved conversion rates using website analytics and e-commerce principles.

“Must Read”: 

  • “Design Your Beautiful and SEO Friendly Website.”
  • “What is Modular Marketing? Do You Need It For Your Business?”

27. ProofHub Blog – Experts in Project Management

The ProofHub Blog shares thought-provoking ideas, management tips and tricks, and articles about workplace culture and leadership.

“Must Read”:

  • “8 Reasons Why Project Managers Need to Work on Branding.”
  • “Marketing Project Management: How Data Analytics Can Help.”

28. G2 Crowd – Best In Honest Reviews

G2 hosts a vast library of articles on digital marketing, sales, tech, and design.

“Must Read”:

  • “What is Lead Nurturing? 5 Techniques That Actually Work.”
  • “What is Interactive Marketing? Check Out These Strategies.”

29. Crowdfire – Specializing in Social Media 

Crowdfire articles discuss social media, customer service, and content marketing.

“Must Read”:

  • “10 Ways to Protect Yourself on Social Media.” 
  • “Social Media Storytelling: What it is and How to Do it Right.” 

30. LuckyOrange Blog – Best For Small Businesses 

LuckyOrange posts a new article roughly once a week on social media, general business, or e-commerce.

“Must Read”:

  • “Why Customer Feedback is Key for Increasing Your Conversion Rate.” 
  • “9 Mistakes We See E-Commerce Stores Make (With Solutions).” 

31. Kicksta Blog – Best for Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Use the Kicksta Blog to determine if Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy.

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Use Instagram: A Guide For Those Just Getting Started.” 
  • “What Makes a Good Instagram Post in 2022.” 

32. Brafton – Best in Infographics For Content Delivery

Brafton helps other businesses grow through creative content marketing and visual technology.  

“Must Read”:

  • “What is a Content Hub? (Examples + Infographic).” 
  • “12 B2B Marketing Trends You Need To Know in 2022 (Infographic).”

33. Intercom – Best at Product Marketing

Intercom features helpful articles and podcasts on product marketing. 

“Must Read”:

  • “Marketing Chatbots: The Marketer That’s Always On.” 
  • “Why Customer Engagement is the Key to Business Growth in 2022 and Beyond.” 

34. The Next Scoop Blog – Most Well-Rounded Blog

The Next Scoop blog provides weekly updates regarding digital marketing.

“Must Read”:

  • “How to Create Effective Incentive Programs to Increase Customer Loyalty.” 
  • “An Introduction to Twitter Marketing Strategy: Basics and Examples for 2022.” 

35. BuzzSumo – Specializes in Influencer Marketing

The practical articles in the BuzzSumo library update readers on brand or influencer marketing. 

“Must Read”:

  • “What Are The 6 Essential Stages of Influence?” 
  • “How to Use Influencer Marketing to Promote Content.” 

Bottom Line

Your success in digital marketing will come from the sources and tools you use to keep moving forward. Each of the 35 top marketing blogs we have listed offers amazing tools and blogs to take you to the next level. For marketers interested in further developing their marketing skills, we recommend checking out our article on the best digital marketing courses offered by Amphy, Google, Hubspot, etc.

Additional Marketing Courses to Consider

There is undoubtedly a large variety of courses and mediums in the marketing world. Whether you’re looking for online courses for social media or podcasts for digital entrepreneurs, there is sure to be a match. These are some of the additional options we recommend within our top courses series that cover other areas of digital marketing.

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We also recommend following these marketing podcasts and marketing blogs to deepen your industry knowledge.

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