49 National Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Employee appreciation day gifts (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
Employee appreciation day gifts
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

Companies cannot thrive without the hard work and dedication of their employees. Employee Appreciation Day is a day dedicated to the recognition of the best employees.

Express your gratitude for your staff on Employee Appreciation Day with gifts that are meaningful, personal, memorable, and enjoyable.

Here are 49 of the best employee appreciation gifts.

Our Top Pick

Amphy learn anything (Credit: Adcore inc)Amphy learn anything (Credit: Adcore inc)

1. Amphy E-Learning Experience 

With so many different classes from dance, to painting, to new languages, there is something for every employee and their unique interests. You can also gift the gift of learning to your whole team with fun team-building workshops like this one


Coffee mug (Credit: Amazon)Coffee mug (Credit: Amazon)

1. Coffee Mug 

A mug with a funny phrase, quote, or slogan that suits the employee will remind them they are appreciated each time they reach for their cup in the lunchroom.

Notebook Journal (Credit: New York Times)Notebook Journal (Credit: New York Times)

2. Journal/Notebook 

A journal or notebook with a special ‘thank you’ cover design is great for employees to jot down their thoughts and ideas.

Noise-canceling headphones (Credit: Amazon)Noise-canceling headphones (Credit: Amazon)

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

The office can get loud at times. Headphones can help your employees focus during busy hours.

Succulent or plant (Credit: Amazon)Succulent or plant (Credit: Amazon)

4. Succulent or plant

Plants can brighten the workplace. A small succulent is a cute keepsake for the desk.

Desk plaque (Credit: Amazon)Desk plaque (Credit: Amazon)

5. Desk Plaque

A plaque that says “May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make” shows your appreciation and acknowledges their hard work.

Funny poster (Credit: Amazon)Funny poster (Credit: Amazon)

6. Poster

A funny poster for your employee to hang on the wall of their office is nice to lighten office morale.

Artwork (Credit: Amazon)Artwork (Credit: Amazon)

7. Artwork

Anyone who appreciates artwork will enjoy a pretty piece they can look to for inspiration or, on a bad day.

Flowers (Credit: Amazon)Flowers (Credit: Amazon)

8. Flowers

Flowers bring life and beauty into a room.  

Puzzle (Credit: Amazon)Puzzle (Credit: Amazon)

9. Puzzle

Find a puzzle design that fits your employee’s personality. They can enjoy the significant gift at home or complete it in the office during a break from work.

Other novelty items to consider:

Desk Clock (Credit: Amazon)Desk Clock (Credit: Amazon)
  1. Desk Clock
  2. Keychain
  3. Company Pin
  4. Tumbler

Personalized Items

Make it personal. Say thank you to a special employee by customizing a gift to make it uniquely theirs. Check out a few more staff appreciation ideas.

14. Notepad

A notepad with your employee’s name printed at the top is useful and thoughtful. Every time they write a note for a coworker, they will know who it is from.

15. Personalized Pen

Pens get lost and taken, but not a pen with your employee’s name engraved on it. 

16. Planner

Help them stay organized with a planner. Customize the cover with their name or with a design of appreciation. 

17. Personalized Mousepad

Design a special mouse pad with pictures of the employee under a special thank you note.  

18. Custom Mouse

A custom mouse goes perfectly with the personalized mousepad. Customize a mouse with their name or favorite design.


You can never go wrong with a food gift. Find out what your employees' favorite treats to munch on are, and consider the following employee appreciation ideas:

19. Sampler Set

Find what they love, whether it be coffee syrups, hot sauces, or teas, and gift them a sampler set for them to try a bit of everything from something they love

20. Donuts

Gift a box of donuts that spell out “thank you.”

Other food items to consider:

  1. Muffin Gift Basket
  2. Fruit Basket
  3. Box of Chocolates
  4. Tin of Cookies
  5. Candy Box
  6. S’mores Gift Set
  7. Popcorn Set
  8. Coffee or Tea set


To give our best, we must feel our best—Foster their need to prioritize themselves with a self-care gift. 

29. Candle

Candles with Lavender scent or citrus aromas have a calming effect that can relieve stress. 

30. Cozy Socks

Some jobs require employees to stay on their feet for long hours. Cozy socks are a nice way to let your employee know you are aware of their commitment and care for their comfort. 

31. Self-care Gift Set  

A gift set with items such as face masks, lotion, and bath bombs is the perfect essentials for them to have a spa day at home and take care of themselves.

32. Paid Day Off

The best way for anyone to take of themselves is to take a day off to relax. Gift them a day to sleep in on a guilt-free paid day off.


Outings, events, and experiences take our minds off our daily stress. Gift an experience they will never forget. 

33. Movie Tickets

Nothing takes our mind off our day like a good 2-hour movie.

34. Tickets to a Sports Game

Anyone who cannot stop talking about the amazing homerun or touchdown made by their favorite player will feel the love with tickets to their team’s game.

35. Private Guitar Lessons

Invest in your employee’s passion or interest to play an instrument with a virtual private guitar lesson

36. A Day at the Spa

Work can get overwhelming. Acknowledge their hard work and give them a day at a spa to unwind.

37. Massage

Sitting at a desk all day can strain our backs and neck. A 30-minute massage will help relieve any pain and discomfort your employee may feel.  

38. Movement Meditation Class 

Support your employee to clear their mind and release stress with a movement meditation class.

39. Virtual Tour of Israel

Gift your employee the experience of traveling without leaving the comfort of their home with a virtual tour of Israel

Other experiences to consider:

  1. Tickets to a Museum or Art Gallery
  2. Tickets to a Show
  3. Sip and Paint Voucher

Gift cards

43. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Coffee is life for some people. If you see an employee walk in every day with a caramel macchiato from either coffee shop, they will love this gift card.

44. Chipotle Gift Card

Lunch is on you. Gift a card to their favorite lunch spot. 

45. UberEats Gift Card

Gift them the night off from cooking dinner with an UberEats gift card. No cooking, no dishes, and the food is delivered straight to their home. 

46. Spotify Gift Card

Does your employee love music? A Spotify gift card will give them unlimited access to all their favorite songs without the limitations of skips.

Other gift cards to consider:

  1. Lyft
  2. Netflix
  3. Store gift cards such as Target, Amazon, or Walmart.

Final Thoughts

Your employee will feel valued and appreciated with these thoughtful gestures that acknowledge their hard work and dedication to the company. Pick one of the suggested employee appreciation gifts, and you’ll see the motivation of your team skyrocket.  

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