5 Ways to Stay Fit During the Pandemic as told by Bunnie Xo

Bunny De Ford is a well-known model and a YouTuber. She is famous as a podcast host. She is fondly recognized as Bunnie Xo.

 (photo credit: BUNNIE XO)
(photo credit: BUNNIE XO)
Bunny De Ford is a well-known model and a YouTuber. She is famous as a podcast host. She is fondly recognized as Bunnie Xo. She owns Dumb Blonde Productions and runs a successful career in the showbiz industry. When asked how she manages it all, Bunny shares, “ I take care of myself. My holistic development is of utmost importance to me. It is extremely crucial that you take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Harmony with self will help you overcome all hurdles and obstacles. Bunny Xo shares 5 ways to stay fit during the devastating pandemic.

Work on Staying Active - You must continue exercising. If you aren’t into it, you should use this time to develop a habit. Gyms are closed worldwide, but there are plenty of home workouts available. You could do some aerobics, floor exercises, lightweight workouts, or video call your friends and get going together!

Adequate sleep is a must - Attempt a minimum of 7 to 8 hours every day. Pandemic has added to our routine of daily chores, but that shouldn’t make you neglect your sleep. A proper sleep routine enhances your response to defense against germs. To add to it, you are energized and glowing always.

Be particular about diet and nutrition - While the shops are closed, junk food can take some rest now. Meanwhile, use this time to incorporate a healthy diet full of essential nutrition. When you have a strong system, you can go back to enjoying your favorite cheeseburgers and fries. Include more raw veggies, leafy greens, Vitamin C-rich fruits, and seasonal veggies. 

Cope with stress and anxiety - It’s time you face the fear. We often cope with stress and anxiety by partying or indulging in the fun. Now that you are home and with your support system use this time to look inwards and give yourself the healing you need. Include meditation, journaling, affirmations as a part of your daily routine.

Stay connected but socially distanced - It is unfortunate to face times like this. While strictly avoid social gatherings now, however necessary, please do not forget to connect to each other. Everyone has been coping with the pandemic there own way. It has been physically and mentally exhausting for everybody. Be mindful and stay connected with your close ones and friends.