Anush Movsesian - Hollywood’s Go-To Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner

Experience is a teacher that very few people appreciate.

 (photo credit: ANUSH MOVSESIAN)
(photo credit: ANUSH MOVSESIAN)
Experience is a teacher that very few people appreciate. Everyone is in a hurry to get the job done, so hardly anyone realizes that it is crucial to train your skills to get to where you actually want to be - the top. Anush Movsesian is a highly experienced cosmetic nurse practitioner based in Los Angeles. Her career shows how experience can be a great teacher.
Movsesian graduated with honors from West Coast University before assisting a plastic surgeon for three years in Beverly Hills. Her work in the beauty and skin department gave her ample renown. This fame, coupled with her instinct to always better herself through practice and study, enabled her to acquire another degree as a nurse practitioner from the Charles Drew University. She ran a popular blog called 'itsnotaboutinnerbeauty' before the advent of social media. Movsesian is hardly in an easy field of work, and it is only due to her dedication that she has survived and made a name for herself in this industry. However, challenges are ever-present. 
"The industry is flooded with beauty practitioners and specialists who come from a variety of backgrounds and have their own individual skill sets. Nowadays, it is all about finding the new trending beauty regime. The only way to survive is to be dedicated and focused on your path," said Movsesian. When she started her career in the industry, she knew where she wanted to go and had plotted out a career path for herself, building experience only in beauty and aesthetic medicine. Becoming a cosmetic nurse practitioner was her endgame, and she worked towards it with undying focus. Where others failed to achieve their goals, Movsesian survived because medicine and cosmetic aesthetics are different. Merging the two requires talent and unique skill that Movsesian had worked to achieve. This is what sets her apart in the industry.
Removing the lines of time from her patients' faces and bringing smiles to their faces instead, is what drives Movsesian to perform to the best of abilities. To her, it is a privilege because she loves what she does.