Auctavius Bennett: People can live their dreams by rewiring their mind

  (photo credit: Auctavius Bennett)
(photo credit: Auctavius Bennett)

It’s easy to feel stuck in life when you are trapped in the same thought patterns. But Auctavius Bennett discovered that by rewiring your way of thinking, you can literally change your life. And now, he teaches these principles to others looking to elevate their lives in his Elite Life Masterclass.

Auctavius went from being homeless, living out of his car and bathing in dirty gyms to owning two companies worth millions and creating over 100 jobs during a pandemic. He could do all of this by rewiring his brain and taking action. Auctavius’s journey started when he saw the show, Million Dollar Listing and became interested in real estate. Not wanting to feel as though he had let down his mom and stepdad, he decided to change his life path. He learned about house flipping and gave it a try. He wasn’t sure if he would be successful, but he knew he could give it his all.

Auctavius learned how important your mindset is in determining your outcome. Without a strong mindset, he admits he would have given up in the early stages of his career. But things really changed for Auctavius when he saw how many lives were changed as he worked on the Oprah tour. “The personal empowerment space is something I’ve always liked. My desire was more enhanced after attending a Tony Robbins event and from there I began coaching some of my close friends,” says Auctavius Bennett.

The life leading up to entrepreneurship was not fun. Auctavius worked odd jobs, experienced setbacks, and tried to make ends meet with the feeling that there was something more out there. Anytime he has thought about giving up, all he has to do is reframe his thinking. Now that he has found his path, he coaches people to live up to their fullest potential, breaking free of whatever holds them back in this life. Auctavius is inspired knowing he can reduce pain in the lives of others, seeing them live heaven on earth. He wants everyone to know, if he can do it, anyone can. The methods he teaches work because Auctavius teaches from a place of experience, not theory. So, his students know he is the real deal.

Teaching empowerment was never something that Auctavius had on his radar. But after he saw how much he could offer others, he knew he was on to something big. He admits he took the hardheaded path in life, always trying to do things his way. Auctavius dropped out of college and all he wanted to do was to own a business. Even after experiencing failure after failure, he never gave up. “Now I have programs that help many people all over the world. So the profession chose me in a way,” says Auctavius Bennett.

Auctavius’s message is to have no fear and be as courageous as possible. Anytime you feel like giving up, you have to reframe your thoughts, recognizing that it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. Recognize fear for what it is–motivation to do that which makes you uncomfortable. And for Auctavius, that means he is relentless and charged up at all times. “I believe less is more. Just because you want more doesn’t mean you have to work harder. I believe you just have to vibrate higher,” says Auctavius Bennett.

By making a conscious choice to turn his life around from nothing, Auctavius is truly an inspiration to everyone. He lives his life to help others get unstuck and pursue the life they dream about. Creating the life of your dreams is the ultimate form of freedom.

This article was written in cooperation with Auctavius Bennett