Bamboo material could improve hygiene during coronavirus

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The coronavirus, which originated in China, has seen a global pandemic impacting millions of people and has put the planet on high alert in terms of maintaining cleanliness and reducing cross-infections. The world is now more health conscious than ever before and are looking at their homes and workplaces to maximise hygiene and reduce any spreading of the disease.
Bamboo is a material that is gaining in popularity for things like shoes, bed sheets and furniture. Bamboo sheets are made from plants – and are considered a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to produce bed sheets; with fibers that have hypoallergenic and antibacterial components.
Bamboo sheets are fast becoming the preferred alternative to bedding over cotton – and experts say that they could be more hygienic for consumers, especially during coronavirus.
In an age where cleanliness is key, bamboo sheets could be a useful home alternative to maintain hygiene – and we could see their use in homes, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and more.
In fact, a Chinese mother notoriously built her daughter a tent out of bamboo to live in and study in due coronavirus, to limit the spread of infection.
Consistency-wise bamboo sheets are designed to be up to 3 times more breathable than cotton, helping you to stay cool in the summer, but also thermo-regulating your baby and keeping you warm in the winter.
Comfort is not compromised – with bamboo sheets maintaining their softness, breathability and cosiness.
Bamboo sheets could be a very useful accessory to those looking to maximise cleanliness during coronavirus.
Later this month, it will be compulsory for anyone in the UK to wear a face mask if they are frequenting stores and shops.
Other new hygienic additions to schools and retailers include wash stations in the entrances and exits of place, hygienic stations with gloves and sprays and also restrictions with the number of people that are allowed in and out of a location.
The elderly demographic is still considered vulnerable, and whilst restrictions have been lifted for many, those over 70 of age or are health compromised should take precautions until further notice.
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