'World's dirtiest man' dies shortly after bathing for first time in decades

"Uncle Haji" avoided eating fresh food and smoked animal excrement, according to local residents.

A woman loads laundry into the washing machine at a laundromat in Cambridge, Massachusetts July 2009

This is why your clothes always smell bad after a wash - here's how you can fix it

During the summer, bad smells become more common in your clothes, even after washing. Here's what the experts say to do.

By Walla!

The truth behind airplane lavatories — A flight attendant explains

A veteran flight attendant shared grim insider information about the state of airplane toilets.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

This is what smoking does to your teeth, mouth and gums

Smokers expose themselves to a range of injuries and damage to teeth and mouth, from yellow teeth to tooth loss and serious illness. Dr. Lior Yaniv explains the dangers and suggests treatment methods

By Dr. Lior Yaniv/Walla!
Toilet paper

Many women make at least one of these mistakes when they pee

Going to the bathroom is a trivial matter for most of us, but women can actually make several mistakes which can harm their health. Here are the highlights.

By Walla!
swimming pool under water illustrative

Too many people pee in swimming pools - and it’s dangerous

It’s hard to say this, but many people pee in swimming pools and it's not only kids. A doctor explains why it’s so bad, especially when combined with chlorine.

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!
Man with Hyperhidrosis sweating very badly under armpit

Nine things you didn’t know about sweat

Differences between men and women, medical concerns and foods that make us sweat excessively: Everything you didn’t know but wanted to know about sweat is explained here.

By Walla!

Cooking chicken for the family? Here's one important thing you have to do

Are you preparing chicken for a holiday or Shabbat? There’s one guideline that for some reason most cooks miss and is especially critical to your health.

By Walla!
water shower

Here is what happened to a doctor who didn't use soap for five years

An interesting experiment conducted by a doctor in the US caused quite a bit of eyebrow raising, but resulted in important health insights.

By Walla!

Farts definitely smell worse in the shower, but it's not because of what you ate

Experts explain why the gas we release in the shower smells much worse than what we release during the day, and there are three reasons that are unrelated to what we ate.

By Walla!
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