Best 7 Sites To Buy Twitter / X Retweets That Do Not Drop

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Out of the many factors that affect the performance of your Twitter posts, retweets have the most significant impact. When your post receives lots of retweets, it can quickly go viral. Twitter will then suggest the tweets to other users increasing the level of engagement on your account. 

However, creating tweets that your followers will retweet is difficult. If you want to get many retweets that will make your posts go viral, you should buy Twitter retweets that do not drop. But with so many sites selling fake retweets from bots, you should be careful where to buy from. Fortunately, we have reviewed the seven best sites to buy retweets.

Why you should buy Twitter / X retweets

Is it worth buying retweets? Here are some excellent reasons to do so:

Improve your visibility

The more the retweets, the higher the visibility and engagement of your tweets. This can significantly enhance your Twitter presence. Therefore, buying retweets can improve your visibility on Twitter.

Rank higher on the Twitter feed.

Twitter tends to rank posts that get lots of retweets higher on the Twitter feed. Therefore, when you buy Retweets, you will likely boost your Twitter ranking.

Receive More Engagement

 When your posts are retweeted, they will be seen by more people resulting in more likes, replies, and followers.

Top 7 Sites to Buy Retweets

Here is our review of the top 7 sites you can buy Twitter / X retweets that do not drop.



SocialWick rank at the top of sites that sell retweets. This is because they sell high-quality retweets from people with active accounts. In a short time, you will start to see organic growth in your channel as your tweets will reach more people.

SocialWick delivers their retweets in less than 24 hours. However, you should note that the retweets are delivered gradually to look genuine.  Once you order from them, you will see the retweet numbers rising.


  • Retweets from active accounts
  • Affordable packages
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Retweets that do not drop
  • Zero risk to your account


  • No free trial

SocialWick delivers retweets from different countries. This helps to bring an audience to your account that you didn't even think of. With time, you will have a large and diverse Twitter audience and will not need to buy more Retweets. To begin using their services, you can visit their site.



SubscriberZ sells high-quality retweets that are delivered almost instantly. They have affordable packages allowing you to buy as few as 100 retweets delivered naturally.

 Their services are completely safe and confidential; you do not need to enter your password to buy retweets. You dont even need to give the site access to your account to buy retweets. The site is also secured using SSL technology to protect your credit/debit card data. 


  • High-quality retweets from active accounts
  • Completely risk-free
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable packages


  • The website isn't user-friendly

SubscriberZ has excellent customer support that is always ready to answer your questions. All the retweets you get are from active accounts; therefore, you can be assured of organic engagement on your account. To get started on their services, you can visit their site.



SocialGreg is a great site to buy Twitter retweets from all over the world at an unbelievable price. The site also delivers retweets fast with no unnecessary delay. When you order 100 retweets, you will get them in less than 24 hours. However, to prevent the flagging of your account, the retweets are delivered gradually.

One of the reasons why retweets disappear is when fake accounts get suspended. Since the Retweets bought from SocialGreg dont reduce, as they are from real accounts. The site also has solid customer service that responds to your questions fast.


  • Retweets from active accounts
  • Good customer service
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Affordable packages


  • No free trials

SocialGreg delivers high-quality retweets from legitimate sources as they have an extensive network of real user accounts to retweet your posts. This also means you can see growth in your Twitter following when real accounts retweet your posts. You can check their packages at



SidesMedia is another site that sells Twitter retweets. They claim that their retweets are from real accounts, even though we couldn't independently verify these claims. They have a user-friendly site that makes buying retweets fast and easy. While their prices are affordable, we found them higher than the services we reviewed above.


  • Easy-to-use site
  • Different payment methods


  • Couldn’t verify if their retweets as from genuine followers
  • The retweets get depleted with time

The site accepts payment through different payment methods. They have fewer packages as compared to their competitors. While Sidesmedia also offers retweet-buying services, the fact that their retweets get depleted after some time is a big concern. So, we recommend the services above over them.



This is another site that delivers retweets fast, making it suitable for those who need their posts to go viral fast. However, this may also be a downside as it may cause the flagging or even banning your accounts. The site has different retweet packages, with the lowest having 100 followers.

What we loved most about Getafollower is its wide range of packages to cater to its diverse audience. Many users of their service have raised concerns over the delay in delivering their retweets, and we hope they addressed these concerns.


  • Variety of packages
  • Various payment options


  • Retweets get delayed
  • Sell retweets from fake accounts

Getafollower sells retweets from all over the world, providing you with a diverse audience. The review of the site online is varied, and we recommend you do further research before buying.



This site promotes social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When it comes to Instagram, the site sells different services, such as likes, retweets, and followers. It has different Twitter packages starting with as few as 100 retweets. However, when it comes to pricing, we found their prices to be higher than the first three sites in our review.


  • Various packages to meet different budgets
  • Good customer service
  • Delivers relatively fast


  • Divided user reviews
  • Retweets get depleted

Since they sell all social media marketing options, UseViral can be a good choice for a comprehensive marketing option. However, the fact that their retweets get depleted is a cause for alarm, and you should do further research before ordering from them.



With MediaMister, you can buy up to 500 retweets at a time. For worldwide retweets, you can buy between 20 and 50 retweets. On top of retweets, the site also sells likes, comments, followers, and more. The site doesn't require your Twitter password or account. All you have to do to is enter the URL of the post you want to be retweeted.


  • Easy to use
  • International retweets too


  • A bit expensive
  • Retweets are from fake accounts

Acquiring Twitter followers is a great way to increase your engagement. However, this only works when you order from real accounts. The fact that MediaMister sells retweets from fake accounts should be a concern before buying.

FAQs on Buying Twitter Retweets That Do Not Drop

Some of the questions we get on buying Twitter followers that do not drop are:

How do I know if my retweets are from real accounts?

Check the engagement level to determine if your retweets are from real accounts. If there is no engagement, these can be from fake accounts. 

Does buying retweets work?

Yes, it works, but only when you buy from real people with active accounts.

How much should you pay for 10000 retweets?

This will depend o the service you use. Some sites like Socialwick, SubscriberZ, and SocialGreg enables you to see the cost by entering the number of retweets you need.

What is the best site to buy retweets?

We recommend you buy from

Will buying retweets cause the banning of my account?

This will depend on where you buy from. Buying from sites that sell retweets from fake accounts may cause the flagging of your account. But if you buy from a site that sells retweets from real people, your account will not be banned.

Final Thoughts

You probably have been wondering why nobody retweets your posts while others have hundreds of retweets. The reason is simple; these other accounts started by buying retweets which led to the growth of their accounts.

Therefore, you should buy retweets for instant growth in your Twitter account. But which is the best site to buy from? We recommend SocialWick, followed by SubscriberZ, and then SocialGreg. You can be assured of retweets from real accounts with one of these sites.

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