Best Cyber Monday Deals 2022

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  1. Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 at Samsung gives you a laptop and tablet in one, lightweight device with a powerful processor.
  2. HiSense 55” TV provides the 4K ULED experience at a steep discount via Amazon. 
  3. Apple AirPods Pro can serve as an accessory gift or a standalone present, but the best deal comes from Amazon.
  4. Martha Stewart Bedding is luxury at its finest and can give any bedroom a complete makeover. Plus, Macy’s is offering steep discounts for the holidays.
  5. GalaxyZ Flip4 smartphones are another top choice for electronics, and Samsung is offering impressive Cyber Monday deals on them.
  6. Amphy Gift cards for online classes to gain new skills in any industry.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. When Do Cyber Monday Deals Start?
  3. How Long Do Cyber Monday Deals Last?
  4. Who Has the Best Cyber Monday Deals?
  5. Browse Major Retailers' Cyber Monday Deals
  6. Laptops & Tablets Cyber Monday Deals
  7. TVs Cyber Monday Deals
  8. Gaming Consoles and Gaming Cyber Monday Deals
  9. Smartphone Cyber Monday Deals
  10. Headphones Cyber Monday Deals
  11. Home and Kitchen Cyber Monday Deals
  12. Must-Have Cyber Monday Deals
  13. Why are they calling it Cyber Monday?
  14. Final thoughts


Some people cringe at shopping in crowded stores on Black Friday. Lucky for them, the world of online shopping has given us Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday is one of the best days of the year to find deals on presents for everyone on your list and it’s the perfect way to waste time at your desk after the long weekend.

Below, shop our favorite Cyber Monday deals you do not want to miss. We’ll browse some of the best stores for sales and then move on to some of the season’s most in-demand items. You’ll have your shopping done before you know it!

When do Cyber Monday deals start?

Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. In 2022, Cyber Monday falls on November 28.

That being said, Cyber Monday deals start before then. As with Black Friday, stores offer discounts earlier and earlier. At the latest, you can expect Cyber Monday deals to start on Thanksgiving Day (November 24). Sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores for Christmas sales.

How long do Cyber Monday deals last? 

Like most sales, you’ll have more than a single day to take advantage of the deals. You’ll find Cyber Monday deals through the end of the week, December 3 or 4. 

Who has the best Cyber Monday deals?

It depends on what you’re shopping for! Most major retailers offer Cyber Monday deals. Remember that the best savings are the ones you score on things you were already planning to buy.

Use this guide below to find the best deals on what your family and friends already want as gifts this holiday season.

Browse Major Retailers' Cyber Monday Deals

The retailers below offer some of the best Cyber Monday deals. Check them out throughout the season, too.

Browse Asos Cyber Monday deals on clothing, accessories, and cosmetics

Credit: 1000logos.netCredit:

Shop Asos Cyber Monday Deals

Asos sells clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and other items, primarily aimed at young adults. Cyber Monday 2022 will conclude Asos’s weekend-long sales that begin on Black Friday. Expect unannounced deals, flash sales, and other ways to engage their young clientele. 

Asos sells many well-known brands, and they feature up-and-coming designers as well. These include The North Face, Topshop, and Adidas. They also have outlets where you can find great deals every day.

Browse Amazon Cyber Monday deals on clothing, electronics, home goods, entertainment, and much more

Shop Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 

In 2021, Amazon started Cyber Monday, the day after Black Friday. If they do the same this year, expect sales to begin on November 26. Amazon doesn’t announce most of its deals far in advance but look for ads in the upcoming weeks.

Amazon offers some of the best Christmas sales on its fleet of electronics, including Fire tablets, Fire Sticks, and Echo dots. But Amazon also makes a range of items from essential clothing to home goods, so look for deals on those as well.

Amazon is well-known for having great deals on TVs on Cyber Monday. High-end vacuums make better gifts than you might think, and Amazon discounts top brands, including Dyson and Shark. Other types of home appliances get steep discounts from Amazon, especially Kitchenaid.

Browse aliexpress Cyber Monday deals on clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, home goods, and more

Shop AliExpress Cyber Monday Deals

Aliexpress has excellent deals on lots of items. Sometimes, little tools make the best stocking stuffers and unique gifts for those people who seem to have everything. You can even find handy electronic accessories like a tripod for your phone for taking pictures, selfie lights, or Bluetooth headphones. 

Browse uncommon goods Cyber Monday deals on gifts for the home and everyone on your list

Shop Uncommon Goods Cyber Monday Deals

Uncommon Goods is a Brooklyn-based company that curates unique gifts of many kinds. It’s a great place to find something meaningful for everyone on your list. 

Uncommon Goods hasn’t announced official sales for Cyber Monday 2022, but you can expect discounts on some of their best-selling products, including unique kits and personalized items. They will undoubtedly discount featured products from their eco-friendly shop, black-owned businesses, handmade goods, and other specialized stores.  

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Browse Etsy Cyber Monday deals on handmade, one-of-a-kind goods from independent sellers

Shop Etsy Cyber Monday Deals

Etsy allows independent artisans, makers, and shops to sell their wares to the masses. There are two ways to get Cyber Monday deals on Etsy:’s discount codes and programs and those offered by each store on the site. 

Etsy hasn’t announced its official Cyber Monday deals. We know they will announce sales by the week of Thanksgiving, sometime around the 19th or 20th. Instead of Cyber Monday, Etsy will run a whole Cyber Week, so sign up for notifications.

Browse Apple Cyber Monday deals on iPhones, iPads, computers, and accessories

Shop Apple Cyber Monday Deals

Apple hasn’t announced specific Cyber Monday deals, but in past years, the online sales have reflected Black Friday deals. Some items that Apple typically discounts on Cyber Monday include AirPods, iPads, Apple TV, and Apple watch. In addition, you can get great deals on add-ons and accessories.

You’re less likely to see online sales on desktops or laptops on Cyber Monday, at least not as good as the ones you’ll find in stores on Black Friday. Still, certain models of MacBooks and other Apple computers will go on sale. 

Browse Macy's Cyber Monday deals on designer clothing, home goods, beauty products, and more 

Shop Macy’s Cyber Monday Deals

Macy’s is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer. It survived the demise of many department stores over the past decade or so and still sells high-end items from well-known designers.

Cyber Monday sales are set to start on Sunday, November 27. They haven’t announced specific deals yet, but their website about the sales promise savings on many top categories of items.

If you like to get your holiday shopping done early, you’re in luck at Macy’s. Cyber Monday won’t be the only day to save online. Macy’s is running preview sales beginning November 7 and continuing through the 26th. 

Look for discounts and deals on Macy’s central departments, including clothing, beauty, handbags, home goods, and jewelry. Additionally, Macy’s acquired Toys R Us, which means they now carry a range of popular toys.

Browse Best Buy Cyber Monday deals on electronics, appliances, entertainment, and accessories

Shop Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals

Best Buy will initiate its Cyber Monday sales on Saturday, November 26, and continue them through the end of the week. Best Buy sells mainly electronics and accessories. Sometimes they offer higher discounts the more you spend, which can score significant savings on expensive electronics.

They haven’t announced specific deals yet, but they have promised discounts on some of the best gift items of 2022. These include movies, video games, 4K Ultra HDTVs, and home theater systems. You can sometimes find early, limited deals on video game systems.

Best Buy is also a terrific place to purchase appliances, which may not be an exciting holiday gift, but if you need it, then it is much appreciated.

Browse Dell Cyber Monday deals on computers and accessories

Shop Dell Cyber Monday Deals

Dell has been a top name in electronics for many years. While they don’t have many brick-and-mortar stores, they offer terrific discounts on their products when you buy directly from them. 

Because they can’t offer many in-person promotions, their online sales are even better. Pick up laptops at deep discounts, including some base models at less than $300. 

Dell also makes some of the world's best gaming computers and accessories, and they plan to offer holiday discounts on some of their most popular models. Many of their computer monitors will also go on sale for Cyber Monday. These are perfect gift items for people who work from home, as they can utilize the larger screen.

Browse Kohl's Cyber Monday deals on clothing, shoes, home goods, toys, and more

Shop Kohl’s Cyber Monday Deals

Kohl’s has a great discount program year-round. You can earn Kohl’s Cash for every dollar you spend, and special events allow you to save even more. It should be no surprise that Cyber Monday is a big deal at Kohl's. While they have yet to announce the specific deals, they have promised some big things. 

If past years are any indication, you’ll be able to find discounts on some of the most-gifted kitchen items, clothes, toys, games, and stocking stuffers. They also have a wide selection of LEGO sets.

Browse Lowe's Cyber Monday deals on tools, appliances, decorations, home goods, and more

Shop Lowe’s Cyber Monday Deals

Lowe’s is so much more than just a hardware store. While you can find all the lumber and tools you need, they also sell everything to take care of your home and make it beautiful, inside and out. 

Lowe’s hasn’t announced specific pricing or discounts for its Cyber Monday sale. However, in past years Cyber Monday has looked similar to Black Friday with deals on some of the same products.

We know more about Black Friday at Lowes, which promises discounts on appliances, smart home gadgets, and tools, including name brands. 

You can also save on everything you need to decorate your home. You’ll need to go to a store in person to get a live tree but shop online for one you can put up annually. They will also have all kinds of decorations on sale and ready to ship on Cyber Monday.

Browse Overstock Cyber Monday deals on furniture and home decor

Shop Overstock’s Cyber Monday Deals

Overstock sells primarily discounted home goods, but they also sell other categories of items, most of which will be on sale on Cyber Monday. Overstock’s business is conducted almost entirely online, so Cyber Monday is a big day for them.

The company hasn’t announced specific deals for Cyber Monday yet, but notes that they plan to offer deep savings on popular gifts, including Michael Kors watches, home goods, furniture, clothes, and designer handbags. 

There are other ways to get discounts with Overstock. You can get a 15% off coupon if you sign up for email alerts (bonus: that keeps you in the loop for upcoming sales!), and they offer flash sales.

Browse Walmart Cyber Monday deals on electronics, housewares, tools, clothing, and more

Shop Walmart Cyber Monday Deals 

Cyber Monday will cap off an entire month of sales and deals at Walmart in stores and online. November’s Deals for Days promotion will end with special online discounts on November 28.

Walmart hasn’t announced many details about specific Cyber Monday deals, though, in past years, many of the same popular items went on sale on this day. These include televisions, tablets, other electronics, toys, games, pajamas, tools, and kitchen appliances.

Walmart is also a great place to buy the hottest video game consoles and video games. Both fly off the shelves on Black Friday, but you can snag them from your living room a few days later.

If you’re a Walmart+ member, you can get early access to all of November’s Deals for Days, which helps better your chances if you want a great price on a popular item. This includes Cyber Monday pricing.

Browse Uniqlo Cyber Monday deals on quality clothing for men, women, and kids

Shop Uniqlo Cyber Monday Deals

Uniqlo is a Japanese company. While it has grown in popularity in the United States over the past decade, it still has a limited number of stores. Therefore, Cyber Monday is a big deal for Uniqlo, which does much of its business online. Uniqlo is well-known for offering high-quality staple items. If you’re looking for basic things for your wardrobe, Uniqlo is the place to shop.

In past years, Uniqlo has offered special deals throughout the holiday season on winter items in particular. Look for Cyber Monday deals on Heattech items, hats, socks, and sweaters. They also have outerwear for the whole family, including puffer jackets and a wide selection of fleece outerwear.

Browse LG Cyber Monday deals on computers, vacuums, appliances, and more

Shop LG Cyber Monday Deals

One of the benefits of shopping directly from the manufacturer is the assurance that you’ll get the best price and product. Since LG has few in-person stores, Cyber Monday is crucial to their holiday business. That’s excellent news for shoppers.

Still, LG hasn’t announced all of its upcoming sales or promotions for the Christmas season. If it’s anything like past years, though, sales will start on Black Friday and continue through the weekend. A fresh round of discounts will appear specifically on Cyber Monday.

One of the top items to buy from LG is a computer, especially their laptops with a wide range of customizable features at many price points. They also sell gaming monitors and ultra-wide monitors perfect for design work.

You can also outfit your entire home with deals on appliances. On Cyber Monday, you may see an escalating discount scale that gets better the more you buy.   

Browse Prada US Cyber Monday deals on designer clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories

Shop Prada Cyber Monday Deals

Prada is one of the most well-recognized names in high fashion. Prada has retail stores throughout the United States, but they also have an online store with almost all their items. 

That being said, Prada has not announced any Cyber Monday specials. They haven’t announced any sales for the holiday season, and in past years they often don’t offer them. 

Still, you can find discounts on Prada items like clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Prada also has outlet stores where you can find their items at a discount. Look for deals with other retailers who sell Prada’s fine things, including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Browse New Balance Shoes Cyber Monday deals on fitness apparel and athletic footwear

Shop New Balance Cyber Monday Deals

New Balance is one of the best-recognized brands in athletic wear. While you can find New Balance products sold at retailers worldwide (and on the internet), some of the best Cyber Monday deals might be from the manufacturer.

New Balance hasn’t announced its 2022 Cyber Monday deals or revealed anything about holiday savings in general. Based on past years and industry trends, we can expect sales to start online and in stores on Black Friday and continue until the day after Cyber Monday. New online specials will be available on Cyber Monday only. While they haven’t said much about promotions, New Balance has put out a holiday gift guide

Browse Nordstrom Rack Cyber Monday deals on already discounted designer clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, and home

Shop Nordstrom Rack Cyber Monday Deals

Nordstrom rack already carries unsold merchandise from this high-end department store, but the discounts get even better on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

Nordstrom rack has not announced specific deals, nor have they announced any Black Friday discounts. They intend on keeping them secret until right before November 28, but revealed that the sale will kick off at midnight in the early morning of November 28.

While they haven’t discussed Cyber Monday deals and discounts explicitly, Nordstrom rack has promised discounts on some of the most popular brands. They’ll also offer discounts on popular categories like women's shoes, household items, cozy men's sweaters, and activewear from Nike, Adidas & more.

Browse Nike Cyber Monday deals on shoes, clothing, activewear, and accessories

Shop Nike Cyber Monday Deals

Nike is one of the world’s top brands when it comes to athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. 

They haven’t told us much about their holiday deals, including Cyber Monday sales. Aside from some sneak peeks at what items they plan to feature on Cyber Monday deals, which will begin on Sunday, November 27 and continue through Tuesday, the 29th. In past years, Nike has offered a flat 20% discount on your Cyber Monday shopping cart. 

Browse Samsung Cyber Monday deals on TVs, smartphones, appliances, home entertainment, and more

Shop Samsung Cyber Monday Deals

Samsung has already launched many online deals for their Black Friday event, which will continue through Cyber Monday. Look for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals opening to early access subscribers on November 11 and the general public on November 18.

Browse Reebok Cyber Monday deals on sneakers and athletic shoes, activewear, kids' footwear, and more

Shop Reebok Cyber Monday Deals

Reebok is a popular athletic brand that offers shoes and activewear. The company hasn’t revealed exact deals yet, but they did release the items they plan to discount. Look for major savings on shoes and some clothes. 

Since Reebok’s mostly online, the company typically rolls Black Friday deals through Cyber Monday for a season of savings. Peek at Reebok’s Black Friday deals to get an idea of what you can expect for the rest of the season. 

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Laptops & Tablets Cyber Monday Deals

If you need a new laptop or tablet for school, work, or personal use, now is the time to get one. You can find some deep discounts through the holiday season, but especially on Cyber Monday.

Credit: SamsungCredit: Samsung

1. Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 at Samsung

From $749

Deemed the best laptop of 2022, this 2-in-1 laptop-to-tablet has a superior processor, Super AMOLED touchscreen, comes loaded with Windows 11, and includes the S Pen. 

2. LG Gram Laptop at LG

$1,899 / $1,599

This ultra-portable, lightweight 16-inch laptop has a 12th-generation core processor and more top-of-the-line features. The LG Gram features a non-reflective display that’s easier on the eyes and includes Windows 11. 

3. XPS 15 Laptop at Dell

$2,899 / $2,199

The XPS 15 is another superior laptop with a 12th Gen Intel core processor, anti-reflective touchscreen display, and Windows 11.

4. HP Victus Gaming Laptop at Amazon

$829 / $589

With eight GB of ram and an Intel i5 core processor and an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card, this laptop is perfect for gaming.

5. Asos VivoBook at Walmart

$329 / $269

This reliable laptop can do all the basics and comes in at a reasonable price for a starter computer. It even features Windows 11 and an Intel Core i3 dual-core processor.

6. Vostro 7610 laptop at Dell

$2,355 / $1,179

This high-power laptop is perfect for running a business or telecommuting. It’s lightweight, features Windows 11 Pro, and has an anti-glare display for those spending long hours on their laptop.

7. HP Gaming Laptop at Best Buy

$799 / $479

Meet all your gaming needs and expectations with this Victus model from HP at Best Buy. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, and 8GB RAM so you can do multiple things at once.

8. Lenovo IdeaPad at Best Buy

$499 / $299

Get everything you need for school, work, or basic home computing with this mid-tier laptop. It features an Intel 11th Gen i3 processor, 8GB RAM, and an Intel UHD Graphics card.

9. M2 Macbook Air at Apple

Save $150

Apple lovers will appreciate the latest MacBook Air featuring an M2 chip for extremely fast performance and compatibility with other Apple devices. 

10. HP Pavilion Touchscreen Laptop at Amazon

$809 / $639

This 2-in-1 laptop and tablet features an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, HD IPS display, impressive battery life, and comes with Windows 10 Home. 

TVs Cyber Monday Deals

Whether it’s time to upgrade your family entertainment space or you want to create another spot for gaming, Cyber Monday is the ideal time to pick up a new TV.

Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

1. HiSense 55” TV at Amazon

$1,099 / $689

Enjoy a 4K ULED picture with impressive brightness, color, and smooth motion that’s perfect for gaming, movies, and sports. 

2. Up to $2,000 off Samsung TVs and Projectors at Amazon

Prices vary

Enjoy deep discounts on top Samsung TVs of various sizes, or pick up a projector to round out your home theater system.

3. Insignia 58” TV at Best Buy

$479 / $299

This 4K UHD Smart Fire TV includes voice control technology and built-in WiFi. It handles most streaming services and works with Apple AirPlay.

4. Toshiba 55” 4K Fire TV at Best Buy

$469 / $349

Enjoy the best of Amazon Fire entertainment on this affordable 4K UHD TV. It’s a Smart TV with hands-free Alexa voice commands.

5. TCL 43” Roku Smart TV at Amazon

$349 / $199

This small TV is close to half price this Cyber Monday at Target, and it packs plenty of power for a bedroom, apartment, or dorm room. Use voice control, streaming services, or connect to Apple AirPlay.

6. Element 65” Roku TV at Amazon

$629 / $399

This 4K UHD TV allows endless streaming through the built-in Roku platform. Aside from the easy-to-use remote, you can download the mobile app to manage all streaming activities.

7. Sony 75” Bravia TV at Walmart

$2,997 / $1,598

Get a deep discount on one of the best TVs on the market.

8. Philips 55” Google Smart LED TV at Walmart

$338 / $298

For anyone who prefers Google Play and home management, this is the best TV and comes in at a desirable price point.

9. LG Alexa Built-In NanoCell 65” at Amazon

$1,099 / $869

This TV has a quad-four processor and a beautiful 4K picture. Plus, it comes with Alexa and operates on voice power.

10. $3,000 off a Neo QLED 8K TV at Samsung

$8499 / $5499

Score big savings on one of the best TVs you can buy with an edge-to-edge screen that can turn your home into a personal movie theater.

Gaming Consoles & Games Cyber Monday Deals

Whether you want to gift a brand new gaming system or new games to someone special, there’s a Cyber Monday Deal for you.

Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

1. Nintendo Switch at Amazon


Amazon offers discounts on this top gift item every year.

2. Microsoft Xbox at Lenovo

$529 / $499

Get the latest Xbox at low prices from Lenovo.

3. HP Gaming Laptop at Best Buy

$799 / $479

Meet all your gaming needs and expectations with this Victus model from HP at Best Buy.

4. Gaming Products at Best Buy

Prices vary

Best Buy has some of the best selections on gaming. Check throughout the season for deals.

5. Video Games Up to 60% Off at GameStop


Up to 60% top games.

6. Nintendo Switch Bundle at GameStop


This bundle includes Mario Kart at a 3-month subscription.

Smartphone Cyber Monday Deals

If it’s time for a new phone or a first smartphone, Cyber Monday is the ideal time to get one with these incredible deals.

Credit: Apple StoreCredit: Apple Store

1. iPhone at Apple

Prices vary

Apple offers discounts throughout the season on iPhones

2. Unlocked Phones on Sale at Best Buy

Prices vary

Best Buy’s already low prices on unlocked phones get even lower during Cyber Monday.

3. GalaxyZ Flip4 smartphone at Samsung

$150 off

Get a discount on the season’s hottest new phone.

4. AT&T Cell Phone Packages 

Prices vary

Cell phone carriers like AT&T offer deals to upgrade or switch your service.

5.  Verizon Cell Phone Packages

Prices vary

Cell phone carriers like AT&T offer deals to upgrade or switch your service.

Headphones Cyber Monday Deals

Gamers and commuters aren’t the only people who love headphones, and a good pair can make an excellent gift for anyone.

Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

1. Apple AirPods Pro at Amazon

$249 / $223

Savings on AirPods are rare, so snag these now.

2. Sony WH-1000XM5 at Amazon

$400 / $348

These noise-canceling headphones deliver unbeatable sound.

3. AirPods at Apple

Prices vary

Score discounts throughout Cyber Monday on many Apple products, including AirPods.

4. Jabra Headphones at Best Buy

$30-$80 off

Several models of Jabra headphones and earbuds will be on sale at Best Buy on Cyber Monday.

5. Beats Pro at Kohl’s


On top of discounts, earn Kohl’s cash.

6. Beats Studio 3 at Target

$349 / $229

These noise-canceling headphones only need to charge for ten minutes to get three hours of use.

7. LG True Wireless Earbuds at Walmart

$179 / $79

With more than $100 in savings, this is a tremendous deal on high-quality earbuds.

8. GalaxyBuds at Samsung

Prices vary

Samsung will discount its earbuds and headphones over the holidays, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Home & Kitchen Cyber Monday Deals

From home decor to bedding essentials, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

1. KitchenAid at Amazon

Prices vary

Find the lowest prices anywhere on KitchenAid appliances and goods at Amazon.

2. Martha Stewart bedding at Macy’s

Prices vary

Find the lowest prices of the year on quality linens.

3. Dyson Vacuums at Amazon

Prices vary

Target offers the best prices on Dyson vacuum cleaners, including handhelds. 

4. Home Goods at Walmart

Prices vary

Walmart delivers hefty discounts over the holidays, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

5. Home Decor at Overstock

Discounts and prices vary.

Overstock already offers steep discounts, but find unique home decor deals on virtually everything at Overstock.

6. Christmas Trees at Lowe’s

Prices vary

Lowe’s has deals throughout the season on artificial and real trees.

Must-have Cyber Monday Deals 

If you’re not sure what to get and need some good ideas, try some of our favorite Cyber Monday Deals.

Credit: SamsungCredit: Samsung

1. GalaxyZ Flip4 smartphone at Samsung

$150 off

Get a discount on the season’s hottest new phone.

2. HP Victus Gaming Laptop at Amazon

$829 / $589

With eight GB of ram and an Intel i5 core processor, this laptop is perfect for gaming.

3. $3,000 off a Neo QLED 8K TV at Samsung

$8499 / $5499

Score big savings on one of the best TVs you can buy.

4. Video Games 60% off at GameStop


Up to 60% top games.

5. Apple AirPods Pro at Amazon

$249 / $223

Savings on AirPods are rare, so snag these now.

6. Beats Studio 3 at Amazon

$349 / $229

These noise-canceling headphones charges for 3 hours of use in only ten minutes.

7. Christmas Trees at Lowe’s

Prices vary

Lowe’s has deals throughout the season on artificial and real trees.

8. Sony 75” Bravia TV at Walmart

$2,997 / $1,598

Get a deep discount on one of the best TVs on the market.

9. M2 Macbook Air at Apple

Save $150

Beginning now, save up to $150 on customizable laptops from Apple.

10. Reebok Brand Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories 40% to 50% Off 

40%-50% off using code BF40

Get early Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on almost everything at Reebok.

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Why are they calling it Cyber Monday?

Black Friday has been an unofficial holiday for decades, but Cyber Monday is relatively new. Online retailers began offering special deals on purchases on the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Marketing experts figured everyone would be back at their desks at work, needing a distraction. They could offer deals for everyone who missed in-person sales over the weekend.

Final thoughts 

Cyber Monday is the perfect shopping day for those who don’t like to leave the comfort of their homes. We can snag the best deals without fighting the crowds. That way, you can get your shopping out of the way and enjoy the season with family and friends.

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