Beyond nostalgia: The allure of classic world of Warcraft servers

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Some may perceive the opening of vanilla WoW servers as a mere nostalgic trip, hoping to relive the past. However, the reality is more intricate than that. This article delves into the reasons why people continue to find appeal in playing on classic World of Warcraft servers, looking beyond nostalgia and acknowledging the complexities of their motivations.

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Not just nostalgia

If you go to modern servers, you can see that classic WoW is still alive. The number of players is higher than ever, and the abundance of bugs, big donations, and other permanent attributes of 10-year-old pirates have disappeared under the influx of new technologies and standards. Now, if you go to a vanilla WoW server, you will be surprised to find that it is good and interesting to play there. 

So what are all these people doing? Are they just wasting their time trying to re-experience their playing youth? Probably, yes, to enter the server and start killing level 1 boars again, you really need nostalgia. Indeed, it forces you to download the WoW client over and over again, create an account for yourself and register a new character. But does it keep people in the game? Here we come to the main idea of this appeal. The game is really good. Regardless of the feelings that were once upon a time. Without discounts for the old age of the game, for the furor that was once. Old versions of World of Warcraft are really still a very good game.

A whole new world

Have you ever wondered why the theme of nostalgia is so relevant in World of Warcraft? As a child, we all played many games: Dota 1, Counter-Strike, and Diablo, but it is WoW that is the game that gamers around the world constantly return to. It evokes a feeling of almost physical nostalgia and longing for those times that will never be. You can miss how you and your friends played CS or Dota all night in a computer club, how you skipped school and played Heroes 3, and split-screen racing. But remembering these moments, you will miss real life, which was just successfully supplemented by the game. In WoW, the situation is different: when you are nostalgic for game episodes of bygone years, real life does not matter at all. The immersion is so strong that over time, all the environment and external circumstances disappear, leaving only the game world in your memory, as if your brain was placed in another Matrix. Many players don't just play WoW, they live WoW.

The world is not perfect

One of the things that provides this immersive effect is that the world around us is not perfect. It frighteningly resembles the real one, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Numerous problems in the balance, strange, it is not clear why the necessary things and locations, the heaviness of some tasks and dungeons - all that the players of the current WoW laugh at - is actually Vanilla's strongest point. In serious guilds, strictly defined skills and specialization are required from people; some professions are terribly profitable, while others are not needed at all; many rare and very hard-to-find things are good only to hang on the wall as a trophy. Doesn't it remind you of anything? Yes, this is real life. You created a Druid and want to be a top raider? Feel free to be a doctor. You can farm gold in Cat form, tank small dungeons in Bear form, or just enjoy life as an Owl. But if you want to be a top raider, take a staff and heal. A druid can't be a good damage dealer, just like in real life you won't be playing in the NBA with a height of 1.70 meters. Many "powerful artifacts" in Vanilla Warcraft are completely useless - and that's fine. Do you remember cloth for agility and two-handed axes that increase spirit? When each thing is built into a logical order, into the food chain of the player's consumption of artifacts, it's easier, but not in classic WoW.

People who play current WoW will never appreciate the success of classic servers, and will not be their supporters. And supporters of the classic WoW will never linger on the current version of the game. It's just 2 different game genres. Modern WoW is a polished, well-balanced, session-based Action/RPG where you interact with other players in complex boss-killing and PvP scenarios. Vanilla is a world to live in. It exists separately from our reality. Many things in it were a banal defect of Blizzard, who did not really know how to make an MMORPG in 2003. A lot has been done on purpose so that players spend more time in the game and pay a subscription - no one looks at the world with rose-colored glasses. The current WoW will never have such popularity. There are a lot of session games now, and they are much cooler and more interesting than the World of Warcraft. Vanilla has no analogues so far.

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