Dr. Chad Deal: A Story of Human Survival, Dedication, and Phenomenal Success

 (photo credit: DR. CHAD DEAL)
(photo credit: DR. CHAD DEAL)

Out of the over 330 million people in America, only 3%, or about 11.8 million households, have incomes worth at least a million dollars. This means that only a small percentage of American citizens can be considered affluent. However, that doesn’t mean an average Joe or a plain Jane can’t beat the odds, even if they were really stacked against them. Investopedia notes that out of the almost 12 million Americans that are millionaires, only 20% of them inherited their wealth, which means that an overwhelming majority of millionaires in the United States are self-made or have accumulated wealth in their lifetime.

What could these first-generation millionaires have in common? The answer is simple. They fully committed themselves to changing their lives with a skill they know is highly marketable and will pay off very well in the future. Such is the life story of Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Chad Deal. He is one of those on track for success, and is most likely going to reach millionaire status sometime in the near future, if he hasn’t already reached it by now.

Dr. Chad is a 42-year-old cosmetic surgeon working at his own private practice at Southern Surgical Arts, which now has a total of four locations spread across two states: Chattanooga and Ooltewah in Tennessee, and Blue Ridge and Calhoun in Georgia. He is a decorated plastic surgeon who has done almost 5,000 procedures in his entire career. Patients and doctors alike trust him, thanks to his passion and dedication in his craft. Deal has been recognized for consecutive years since 2011 as one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Chattanooga, which speaks volumes about his abilities.

Growing Up With a Single Mother

Dr. Chad Deal credits most of his success to his beloved mother, who became his source of inspiration and mentor over the years. Deal recounts the time when his mother had to take care of him and his older brother. While she was able to provide for his education and most of his basic necessities, the surgeon says, he often had to go to bed hungry. He never knew who his biological father was, and he lived with his family at a military base, where his mother served the army. Deal’s mother did not let her situation get the best of her. In fact, she was one of those who refused to get government assistance. Instead, she worked hard all by herself. While taking care of her two boys, she was able to finish Nursing School, get a Masters in Nursing and in Business, and subsequently obtain a Doctorate in Nursing. 

Dr. Chad Deal grew up with such an amazing woman that it was not hard to emulate her best practices. Through her example, Deal was able to turn his own life around from being an easy-going guy to getting a 4.0 GPA with a major in microbiology and minor in biochemistry.

The Bumpy Road to Success

Armed with a fresh degree and several accolades to show for it, Dr. Deal set out into the world of cosmetic surgery with an idealized view of the industry. However, he soon realized that he still had so much to learn.

Dr. Chad Deal wanted to start his own practice, but his one major flaw at the time was that he was too trusting. “I just thought if you always do the right thing and trust people eventually the good would come out,” he says. However, he learned that wasn’t the case. As a plastic surgeon, he admitted that he was too carefree and got taken advantage of in his early days. But this small hiccup did nothing to deter him from achieving his dreams. Deal became much more cautious and began to stand up for his company and employees. Through his trials, he became a true leader.

All his experiences equipped Deal with enough knowledge and understanding to weather any storm, even the COVID-19 pandemic. He admits that, in truth, the pandemic has been one of the best things that has ever happened to him because it forced him to think about his future and invest more in future-proofing his business.

With the use of social media, Dr. Chad Deal opened himself up to a wider audience to better market his company and to educate his clients on the truths of cosmetic surgery.

Got any questions for Dr. Chad Deal? Well, the doctor is always in. You may visit him on his website or send him a direct message on his Instagram account, @drhidef.ssa