Effective treatment for hormonal acne

  Rivka Zaide, founder and CEO  (photo credit: OFER HADAD)
Rivka Zaide, founder and CEO
(photo credit: OFER HADAD)

Many women suffer from acne, and not only during puberty. The phenomenon of hormonal acne can meet us at different stages of life because it is related to our hormonal activity, which fluctuates and changes. At all ages, there is the potential for hormonal changes, so hormonal acne can occur at any stage of life, for men or women. What is hormonal acne?Hormonal acne is a condition where there is an increase in the production of hormones in the body that increase the activity of the sebaceous glands, which leads to acne breakouts. The hormones that are mainly affected are the androgens, which are male hormones. The sebaceous glands produce sebum to moisturize the skin, but when there is an excess of sebum, it can lead to acne. As women, we are especially sensitive to hormonal acne, and as a result of the hormonal mechanism of our fertility, most of our changes revolve around it. 

Reasons for hormonal acne: 

The various reasons that lead to hormonal acne include hormonal changes that happen especially around the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or after stopping taking pills. Medical conditions such as polycystic ovaries (PCOS) can also cause hormonal acne breakouts. In addition, factors such as stress, taking certain medications (such as steroids), and even genetics, can affect our hormonal activity. 

  (credit: PR)
(credit: PR)

Symptoms of hormonal acne: 

Hormonal acne is characterized by comedones, pimples, and inflamed sores that appear mainly in the area of the cheeks, chin, and neck. Most often, the sores erupt especially before or during the menstrual cycle, after stopping pills, or during pregnancy and also during menopause. 

The common ages for the onset of hormonal acne:

Hormonal acne mainly breaks out during the late years of the second decade of life and during the thirties, but it can occur at any age when there are significant hormonal changes.

Therapeutic innovation - a unique Israeli development based on science and technology for the treatment of hormonal acneAt the Rivka Zaide Center, we offer a series of treatments that combine exclusive and advanced Israeli-developed phototherapy equipment. The treatment combines 5 different wavelengths without UV radiation and without risks, together with natural preparations that are developed in the Rivka Zaide laboratories in Israel. Rivka Zaide preparations are based on 99% natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, medicinal plants, acids, peptides, and more with the approval of the Ministry of Health and with international GMP and ISO standards. The unique treatment shows a significant improvement in the acne condition in over 90% of cases. 

  (credit: Shir Or)
(credit: Shir Or)

Tips that can help treat hormonal acne:

1. Do not pop or mess with the facial skin - popping wounds (zits) can cause additional damage and increase inflammation.Try to avoid touching your face in general and the wounds in particular.

2. Do not ignore - acne is a medical condition that requires treatment. It is important to treat the condition before it gets out of control.

3. Do not start treatment with nutritional supplements by ingesting them without medical supervision - always consult with qualified professionals before starting treatment.

4. Do not use substances not intended for the facial skin - products and substances not intended for the facial skin can harm the skin and increase acne. Be suspicious and critical of the recommendations you see online.

5. Avoid stressful situations and anxiety as much as possible - stress and anxiety can affect your hormones and increase acne. Try to be calm and take relaxing breaths.

6. It is recommended to make an appointment to customize a personal treatment plan - personalized treatment can be very effective, frequent use of products and Rivka Zaide's phototherapy technology have been scientifically proven to be effective, and the external treatment can definitely affect and help the skin from the outside despite everything that is going on inside.

7. Group consultation and support - Anyone who feels the need for advice and support in acne situations can join the Rivka Zaide Facebook group, where hundreds of before/after photos of patients who have been treated with the method appear, get tips, ask questions, and be impressed by the many success stories.

About Rivka Zaide: Rivka Zaide Laboratories was founded 23 years ago. The unique method developed by Rivka Zaide has helped over 60,000 patients get rid of acne and post-acne. The treatment method is completely natural, without drugs or pain, and is based on advanced science and technology. At Rivke Zaide's center, many types and degrees of severity of acne and post-acne are successfully treated, including pimples, acne scars, spots, and red marks. We also specialize in the treatment of rosacea, seborrhea, and adult acne. 

Rivka Zaide: "Thanks to the powerful combination of science and technology, we successfully treat many types and degrees of severity of acne and post-acne. To treat acne from the root, without paying the price of scarring as a result of the inflammation, we provide consistent treatment in the deepest layers of the skin. The activity of the sebaceous glands is balanced, the inflammation decreases, the spots clear up, and, most importantly, unlike superficial treatment methods, at the end of the treatment, the skin looks clean and new."

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