Meet Entrepreneur Harley Cannard Who Carved His Own Path In The World Of E-commerce Businesses

 (photo credit: HARLEY CANNARD)
(photo credit: HARLEY CANNARD)

The digital industry is booming, even more so since the outbreak of COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the globe. Many businesses have found themselves transitioning to the online space out of necessity and Harley and his team are there to help. They are at the forefront of this journey, pushing brands to achieve more than they ever thought possible through their innovative approach.

As a leading entrepreneur who has made a mark on the e-commerce industry, Harley co-owns a robust consulting based service company in the form of Amz Automation Australia. It has recently expanded into Amplifyou that has gone beyond boundaries to help the biggest brands in the world. The business is dedicated to unlocking growth, leveraging data and fast-tracking scale. To date, it has generated more than 80 million dollars of revenue for their clients who are spread across the globe.

This Australian entrepreneur learnt about business watching cartoons as a child, and now at 30 he is a world-renowned public figure within the e-commerce industry. In his early career, Harley built many successful enterprises, ranging from health clubs through to meal preparation start-ups. He then turned his attention to the world of e-commerce and digital businesses. He has grown his agency from operating out of his Australian outback home to an organization comprising 30 passionate, knowledge-area experts (with the plan to add more) and spanning two continents. Harley now leads a team of experts in all areas of e-commerce, from advertising and graphic design to product research, video editing, SEO and more.

His personal and business success spiralled from there and in just his first year of business, Harley was invited by Forbes to join their expert panel. An honour he cherishes given his young age and speedy rise to success.

Harley is now focused on the future with expansion plans in place to see the business soar to new heights. With this, comes a new passion for giving back to the community along the way.

You can follow his entrepreneur journey on Instagram.