How Can an Israeli Apply to One of The Universities in The UK

 (photo credit: FREEPIK.COM)
(photo credit: FREEPIK.COM)


The UK has some of the best international universities. Currently, about 500,000 international students are studying various degree courses in the UK. Among this, a considerable number are students from Israel.

Most of the students enroll for a master’s degree in linguistics, international relations, computer science, design and health sciences. Entry requirements vary with the degree level. All international students seeking admission to any UK university need to understand the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system.

Start the earliest 

The UK universities have strict application deadlines and if you miss it, there is nothing you can do about it. You will be forced to wait until the next application season. There are several documents you need to have during the application process. Some may time take longer to obtain. You will redeem a significant amount of time if you start your application process early. 

Have the mandatory documents 

The admissions board will always ask for documents to prove you are qualified to study the course you are applying for. If you want to study for a master’s degree, you must have completed an undergraduate degree course in your home country or any other country. 

The other mandatory requirements are: - a valid passport, a certificate of advanced English language proficiency test, a TB test certificate, a COVID-19 test certificate, a UK student visa, letter(s) of funding (either from parents, scholarship, employee, sponsor). The English test is important and you need to improve foreign language skills before you appear for it. You should take time to study and prepare for the test. 

Identify your course 

After you have confirmed all the mandatory documents, identify your field of study. Your choice should be driven by your passion, if you love arts, search for art courses and so on. 

Each course has a unique code which you should note down because you will be asked to enter the code when applying on the UCAS website. Once you have selected your desired course, go online and search for a university that offers the course. 

Essay help for foreign students 

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Prepare your personal statement 

This is a requirement for all UK university admissions. Your personal statement is significant if you want to earn a chance at a UK university. You are limited to a maximum of 4,000 characters (note characters, not words.

Give details on what interests you most, your strengths, what you will likely contribute to the university. Other details will be your current qualifications and why you chose that specific university. 

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Go to the UCAS portal

You may choose a DIY approach when applying through the UCAS portal or hire a UCAS center advisor to help you with the application process. Some universities like Oxford and Cambridge have earlier deadlines. If you intend to apply for a course in one of them, you need to be careful with their deadlines. 

UCAS portal is user-friendly and guides you well through the application process. You will be free to apply to a maximum of five universities through this portal. You must give all your full details because if you withhold some information, it might cost you dearly later when applying for a UK student visa. 

Fill in your detailed personal information, your course codes and your universities of choice. Note the importance of choosing more than one university. The universities receive many applications and each has strict selection criteria. 

If you miss the chance, you can always get one in another university. Do not forget to submit your personal statement to the UCAS portal. You do not need a separate application for each university. One application is enough. UCAS will send the application to all the universities you choose. 

Pay your UCAS fee

UCAS charges £13 for a single course application to just one university. If you are applying for multiple courses in several universities, you will pay £24. After you complete all the processes, submit your application and wait for you for the selection process to be completed. If you qualify, you will be notified online. Do not process your Visa or any other immigration document until you get a notice that you qualified. 


The UK is a favorite destination for many international students. The universities offer high-value education and many international students get better carrier opportunities once they return to their home country. Currently, there are over 150 universities where international students can apply for admission. The UK citizens are friendly to foreigners and students from any nation will feel comfortable studying there. 

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