How Lebanon-Born Jad Kantari Become a Successful Entrepreneur After Taking a Big Leap

 (photo credit: JAD KANTARI)
(photo credit: JAD KANTARI)

America has long been considered to be the Land of Opportunity. For people like Lebanon-born Jad Kantari, the belief in being able to make your own success in the US has been a very strong one. That is why he ended up taking the big leap and leaving his home country for the US to become an entrepreneur. He was rewarded for his bravery because he is now earning a six-figure income and managing four businesses.

Ever since he was a kid in Lebanon, he aspired to be successful and wealthy. However, the reality was that in Lebanon this would be close to impossible. That is why he took a bold step once he turned 18 to move to the United States. His bridge to getting there would be to study engineering and get a degree in it. Seeing the success of his uncle, who also pursued engineering in the US and ran a thriving business, gave him the confidence he needed to follow through with the decision.

Even though he had to leave behind his family and friends, he strongly believed the payoff would be well worth it. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Civil Engineering, Jad accepted a job offer as a Project Engineer at an engineering firm. 

As great as it was that he was able to succeed in becoming an engineer in America, he felt something was missing. For him, being fulfilled meant being freer than he was. That is what led him to the world of e-commerce. 

Once he discovered the possibilities with e-commerce, he learned everything he could about it. All of the time and effort he put into this endeavor eventually led to him starting up his own e-commerce business. Today, he has four businesses to call his own, staffed by a large team. This is what he envisioned success would be like, and he now has it.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Jad feels in his element running his own businesses. While he had to make bold and daring decisions to get to where he is now, this is par for the course for anyone who wishes to unlock their potential. To unlock success, you need to have the courage to take a big leap. 

Jad now enjoys having a life where he does not need to worry about money, and he can help support his family back in Lebanon. Jad believes that if you have a strong belief in yourself and what you are capable of, then you can achieve anything. Looking at his life as an example shows us that this is very true. It took stepping out of his comfort zone to become as successful as he has, and he is grateful every day for having the courage to follow the inner drive his entrepreneurial spirit encouraged him to pursue.