How to treat Anxiety disorder with cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy or in the familiar concept CBT, can be successfully used to treat generalized anxiety disorder

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Cognitive behavioral therapy or in the familiar concept CBT, can be successfully used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, with or without the inclusion of anxolytics.The Anxiety therapy includes restructuring, relaxation, worry exposure, behavior modification and problem solving. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is the most thoroughly studies. This therapy has been demonstrated in a large number of disorder searches. The cbt treatment, also had good effects with the symptoms of social anxiety disorder and impaired quality of life The relative efficacy of various CBT approaches, both in the short term.Facors associated with more or less positive response to CBT among patients with social anxiety disorder are examined. 
Types of anxiety that can be treated with CBT method                            
Anxiety reflects the extremes of legitimate and evolutionary fear that exists in every one of us, even to the point of disrupting our daily life and functioning. According to research, 5% of the population suffers from anxiety disorders of one or another magnitude. It also emerges that only less than third of suffers, choose to seek Anxiety therapy, due to the existing stigma on seeking mental assistance. There are many types of anxiety disorder, but lets start with generalized anxiety disorder {GAD} considered a  very common mental problem. According to statistics, between 5%-8% of the adult population suffers from it. The main characteristic is the consent concern for disturbing thoughts {which raze the tension and anxiety} for most of the day, regardless of any actual event.

Panic disorder
A Panic attack is characterized by a state of intense and extreme feeling of anxiety, culminating within 10 minutes and can last about half an hour. Anxiety attacks initially appear without any trigger or external factor and later on, those attacks can reach to extreme situations of total avoidance of public places.  This type of anxiety is well known as agrophobia. An expert therapist can find Anxiety therapy that suits the patient's anxiety type specifically.
The basis of anxiety disorders lies in disturbing negative and irrational thinking patterns. Therefore, the first phase of Anxiety therapy focuses on tracing anxious and pathological thoughts in order to change them and adapt them to reality. Behavioral therapy will be the second phase. The therapist in full cooperation with the patient develops appropriate normative behavior that allows them to deal in practical terms with the same situations that are perceived as threatening. Cognitive behavioral therapy provided by high quality therapists, who have studied the field for years and have proven experience and impact on patients who suffer from anxiety
Ori Fux is one of CBT's most known anxious. Uri successfully completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in social work, but after he had undergone cognitive behavioral therapy, he decided to retrain as a qualified therapist. Uri graduated as a certified therapist at the Shiba Hospital, and today he runs 2 clinics at Natanya and Herzeliya.Uri is a recommended therapist among his patients and manages to treat many patients with anxiety, depression and OCD.