How to Use A Combustion Analyzer: A Step By Step Guide

Learn to use a combustion analyzer with a professional's guide. This will help you to operate your analyzer accurately.

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

How to Use A Combustion Analyzer

Combustion analyzers are an electrical apparatus that are used in the laboratory to test the efficiency of electric heaters, boilers, and furnaces. They measure electronics appliances parameters such as flue pressure, stack temperature, levels of gases, oxygen, excess air, and combustion efficiency.

However, just because you own a combustion analyzer doesn't mean you can use it like a pro. There are some instructions to follow if you want to use it in the proper way.

It's fine if you don't know how to use a combustion analyzer. Our experts will help you to find your feet on operating a combustion analyzer so you can give a shot. We'll guide you step by step so you can understand it better. Don't forget to read through the buying guide at the end.

So, let's break a leg?

How To Use A Combustion Analyzer?

Using a combustion analyzer might seem “easier said than done” if you are not quite familiar with it. Let's look at the step by step guide to make the job a piece of cake

● Start the combustion analyzer with fresh air. Hold the power button for a few seconds till it's on.

● There's equipment called a probe, you have to insert it into the gas stream for 2 minutes or until your testing machine locks the reading.

● See the readings on the monitor. If there's only single information then use the navigation buttons to observe all other information which includes oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, excess air, efficiency, pressure, draft pressure, nitrogen, and sulfur dioxide.

● Now take off the sample line and wait until the oxygen reading goes above 20.0% and the rest readings come down to 15 ppm. You can now power off the combustion analyzer.

NOTE: Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the manual. Because combustion analyzers have different brands and models and they may have different operating systems.

What To Look For While Buying A New Combustion Analyzer(Buying Guide) When buying electrical equipment, the first thing to hit our mind is the equipment should be easy to operate and have the highest accuracy. So, the same expectation comes with a combustion analyzer. Let's take a look at what things we should consider before buying it.

Easiness in operating: Electronics testing tools used to be so complicated to use that people had to read the manual book a hundred times. But the new models are designed in a way that you can use it easily without even touching the manual book.

So, look for brands and models that have easy features to operate itself.

Interchangeable Batteries: There were days when combustion analyzers used to come with either a lithium-ion or a disposable battery. Have you ever heard of an analyzer that uses these both at the same time?

There are some brands that are manufacturing such combustion analyzers to provide you a longer working time. When the lithium-ion battery runs out of charge, you can easily swap it out and carry on with a disposable one.

Ability To Count In More Sensors: The versatility of your new analyzer should allow you to add in more features. This will reduce the need for buying new analyzers with the upgrades of your industry.

Nowadays, there are combustion analyzers you can begin with the basic sensors, again you can add in other advanced sensors later on.

Combined Hose and Probe Connections: You get both hose and probe are connected together which means you can control both together with one click. The latest models provide this advantage. This can make things a lot easier for you hence why you should consider this while buying your analyzer.

Touch Screen: Analyzers with the touch screen don’t only make it look fancy and luxurious but it also makes it easier to operate. Such analyzers will help you view customer data. These can be used even in reading big distances as much as 4 feet.

Data-Logging: Modern days combustion analyzers have data logging advantages. This means you can save your collected data in it and view the info whenever needed in the future. You can save these data and help your customer even better.

Final Thoughts

Combustion analyzers with the latest technology make it easier to use and provide you with the highest accuracy. Though these can be pricier than the older models, these are more versatile and can be used for a longer time. Some of them could be cheaper while the others might cost you an arm and a leg but remember you get what you are paying for. You would definitely not want to compromise with the quality of your electronic products hence going for a better analyzer is actually again.