Joseph Ayoub Discusses 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Make Your Online Business Successful

What’s the point of marketing your brand on different platforms if most of them don’t provide the right return or satisfactory results your business needs

 (photo credit: JOSEPH AYOUB)
(photo credit: JOSEPH AYOUB)
What’s the point of marketing your brand on different platforms if most of them don’t provide  the right return or satisfactory results your business needs to survive and continue growing? According to Joseph Ayoub, the founder of Dose of Roses, one of the world’s fastest-growing  brands, spending on marketing techniques that don’t add value or make a return to your  business means a waste of time, money, and resources. Marketing spend can either accelerate  the success or failure of your business. 

Dose of Roses didn’t become a known brand in one day. Joseph invested on influencer marketing by giving their products away and see the feedback from them and the  return once they posted. He also invested on paid marketing to introduce his brand to his  potential customers that are similar to his current customers. He shortlisted these two as his  company’s go-to marketing strategy, but has some more ideas that he wants to share with new  entrepreneurs to help them promote their business. 

1. Marketing Automation  

Joseph says that 92% of entrepreneurs still don’t make the most of their marketing  automation. He thinks that marketing automation is like a cog in the wheel that assists in your  current marketing strategies such conversion tracking, email flows, sms flows, using lead forms  and implementing a sales funnel which improves how successful your marketing is but most  importantly reduce your cost to acquire a customer over time. 

2. Responsive High Speed Web Design  

It is always best to have a mobile-first design of your website: one that works on mobile  phones first and works on desktops and tablets since 90% of your website traffic comes from  mobile devices. When Joseph started Dose of Roses, he didn’t want his 

customers to complain about its UI/UX and wanted to make it as simple as possible to view a  product, add to cart and checkout while maintaining high web speed. 

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

Search engine optimization is the heart of all your marketing strategies. Without SEO, it’s impossible to survive in this cut-throat competition. Your business first needs to appear on Google’s first page. But remember, link building, keyword research, using meta tags, and implementing other SEO techniques is a continuous and long-term process. It’s not a one time investment that you will see results right away but do consider SEO as your fixed cost in  marketing while you invest on other digital marketing methods to see which one works best for  your business. 

4. Social media marketing  

No small-scale business makes a million dollars overnight. You need to keep working on your marketing campaigns to ensure that many people know about your company. Marketing is just a ploy to attract potential shoppers to your website and turn them into paying customers.  Their decision to buy on your website is still in their hands so make sure your social media  marketing and website give a great first impression. After starting Dose of Roses, Joseph  utilized Facebook Ads because he felt no other platform is better to get such a vast number of  target audiences. With this idea in mind, he set up various advertising campaigns, where he  used catchy captions and discount retargeting to make people aware of his business. He still  uses the same method, along with influencer marketing, to keep his business going.

Running a business isn’t easy, but when you come to know about performance marketing tips from the best in the industry, the road to success becomes slightly more comfortable and  easier to achieve. Follow these tips from Joseph to see a notable change in your sales and  your growth.