Marketing guru James Blake aims to help Israeli businesses dominate their sectors online

  (photo credit: James Blake)
(photo credit: James Blake)

The digital marketing industry has seen a rise in growth over the last several years. As a result of the worldwide pandemic, more businesses are turning to the digital sphere than ever before. This has resulted in a change in pace and has also spawned new practices along with digital marketing trends. Israel is no slouch when it comes to pushing the envelopes and innovating in the digital space and is home to many marketing firms focused on the digital sphere. Competing in a saturated market forces marketing agencies to stand out in clear ways. 

James Blake is one such agency owner. During the pandemic James discovered that there was still untapped potential in the Isreali market. The country is one of the biggest consumers of digital media and are much keener on free viewing platforms such as Youtube and TikTok, rather than developing websites, which requires money.  

Based on this knowledge, Blake is re-educating his clients on the importance of digital identity especially in today’s landscape. In order to facilitate and foster website growth and interest, Black offered free website audits, consultancy on digital marketing and those wishing to enter the Israeli market. The entrepreneur says, "I am very proud of where I am from, and I want to use my success to help as many entrepreneurs and SMEs as I can.”

When you dive into Blake's background, his entrepreneurial instincts are certain. At the young age of 23, he spent £500 to build his own business to achieve financial independence. With hard work, grit and dedication, the entrepreneur turned that £500 into the 6 and 7 figure success stories he shares today. This road to success doesn't appear to have been easy, but it seems that with every hurdle, James lunged forward with a clear vision for the future and commitment to win and he wants to help clients in Israel find the same successes that he had. 

Blake has founded and drives various six and seven figure enterprises, alongside being a successful investor. One of his most well-known enterprises is Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency. This full-service digital agency serves high-profile clients worldwide, striving to be the leading authority in a digitised landscape. As a full-service digital marketing agency, the company delivers website development services, social media growth, SEO, and video/content marketing. It has hit many impressive milestones, such as generating over £100 million in online income for its diverse client base in the previous five years. During lockdown James launched multiple e commerce businesses, one of which is well documented as generating over £130,000 in its first 3 weeks. 

Blake is very transparent about his success story and is happy to share it with the world. With new enterprises filling holes left by larger corporations, he could see that things were drastically changing. Blake tells us, "With the digital world constantly evolving, even in the absence of the pandemic, I believe there would have been an enormous movement toward a new way of doing things. This will translate into increased opportunities for those currently within and working to enter the Israeli market."

This article was written in cooperation with Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency