Meet The Ultimate Fitness Trainer And Chef, Tomas Chlup And Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Tomas steals limelight with his fitness mantra, cooking tips, and lifestyle lessons full of zeal and positive energy

 (photo credit: TOMAS CHLUP)
(photo credit: TOMAS CHLUP)

Every year, thousands of people start considering fitness and health to make their lives better. But most have no idea how to make their dream a reality. This is where we need expert level guidance to make sure you are not made to starve or go through unhealthy processes. 

Tomas Chlup is one of the best fitness trainers and chefs with a wide angle view of how health and fitness merge together to bring together a unique mix of flexible stress-free life. This charismatic fitness expert has motivated so many people around the globe leading them to live a healthy and happy life by making the right choices in food and fitness. He has various training programs that help people transform lives based on their body type and size. 

Journey from Runner to Fitness Expert

This Czech Republic Runner cum Fitness Expert initially with his online fans came along a journey where he showed them his experiences as a runner and various recipes as well. With time & evolution, he shifted from being a runner to becoming a trainer in CrossFit. Today, he motivates people in his day to day life and helps them fight not just against body fitness issues but also helps them boost their self-esteem and gives ultimate lifestyle tips through his exquisite nutritional recipes.

Motivating Over A Million 

Not just a fitness expert or chef, Tomas is also a Celebrity Instagram Influencer going viral with his lifestyle posts. He exudes full of life and grit determination for taking people on a healthier journey, where they are taught how to approach training and food choices from the very beginning. His feed is some of the most real and useful content with different videos and posts related to fitness. 

Initiatives To Bring People Into A Community

Mobile app “Konektr” which he started along with his friends is a unique making, helping influencers gain momentum on social media platforms where you can be rest assured of the endless discussion and video calls, be it for fitness or any other purpose. He also motivates individuals towards home workouts and cooking nutritional food recipes at home to get desired results in fitness with his ‘Fit Inspiration’ project. With this, he aims to reach more people across all parts of the world digitally with valuable health insights, tips and tricks about fitness, cooking and lifestyle content. 

Tomas shares with the fitness enthusiasts, “From waking up with determination to sleeping with satisfaction, there is a long journey every day. This long journey has a lot of food and fitness choices we all choose for ourselves. Always remember, if your decision doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Transformation is not about only training your body, it is also about training your body and decisions. So, be stronger than your strongest excuse!”

To learn more on fitness, cooking styles, and lifestyle lessons, stay connected with Tomas Chlup’s Instagram and Website