Nick Ponte An Expert in Advertising for Local Businesses

 (photo credit: NICK PONTE)
(photo credit: NICK PONTE)

Nick Ponte, a Hawaiian entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Nick Ponte Marketing, works around the clock to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to his customer’s online platforms. He achieves this through a plethora of different proven strategies; however, when one of his clients needs to drive businesses right away, he personally recommends the use of PPC advertising. 

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is used by both small local businesses and international corporations alike to increase incoming traffic to their website. The advertisements are strategically placed on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing for certain keywords and search terms that the Nick Ponte Marketing team has researched to give the greatest ROI for low cost per click. 

With PPC advertising, your ad-spend budget is based on every time someone clicks on the online advertisements. Nick Ponte’s team specializes in not only giving you the lowest amount of cost per click through the keywords they target but also optimizes the ad copy itself to entice pre-qualified leads to converting once on their client’s website. 

In just the first few months of working with Nick Ponte Marketing, customers start seeing results, receiving multiple reservations, purchases, and conversions as a result of this marketing strategy. With the help of Nick Ponte Marketing’s cutting edge digital marketing software and the dedicated experts that make up his team, clients increase their bottom line.

As a result of being able to adjust and adapt to an increasingly volatile world, the work done by the teams at Nick Ponte Marketing has been recognized recently by the top analysts of the country. Collectively, Forbes,, and YEC have accredited the skills of Nick Ponte and the commitment to excellence which makes his agency one of the best in the industry. Most recently, Ponte was recognized as one of Pacific Business News’ 2020 top 50 Hawaiian Business Leaders. 

So what is the thing that really sets Nick Ponte Marketing’s Pay Per Click strategy apart from the rest? In addition to doing industry analysis for their clients, something that gives Nick’s team a baseline for who is dominating the local ad space and why; Ponte works around the clock to make sure that he is not only writing ad copy proven to convert, but targeting the keywords that will give clients the greatest ROI for the lowest cost-per-click.

Usually, those who click on the ads that Ponte has created for his clients, are taken to an enticing landing page specially designed for the particular campaign or offer that the client is looking to promote. 

These landing pages, along with the ad itself, are optimized to target the particular part of the sales funnel that the potential customer is in. While the landing page that Nick creates has all of these internal features aimed at turning passive leads to active clients, he makes sure that the page maintains a cohesive branding and design so that it seamlessly integrates with the client’s website.

All of what goes into Nick Ponte Marketing successful campaigns, for their local clients as well as international enterprises, can be summarized by their funnel optimization strategy.

According to Ponte, “Using the funnel method to lead search engine users towards your desired goal is one of the most efficient marketing methods today.” He continues, “This strategy lets you lead visitors by the hand and direct traffic where you need it to go, when your audience is ready to move forward.”

Ponte’s funnel strategy can be broken down into a four-step process: keyword contextual targeting, placement targeting, interest category marketing, and remarketing. 

Keyword contextual targeting consists mainly of the competitive analysis mentioned earlier; determining where a client falls in terms of brand recognition amongst a qualified audience.

Placement targeting looks at where the ads should be placed in order to reach the widest audience possible, outside of Google. This could consist of finding other websites, influencers, and industry leaders that appeal to the target audience determined in the previous funnel step. Which leads into interest category marketing, the process of determining how to influence purchasing through determining audience’s interest.

Nick uses the last portion of this funnel, remarketing, as its own stand-alone strategy as well; the idea behind this is simple and something that anyone who has shopped online has experienced.

If you have ever shopped for something like a new pair of shoes or an exercise bike on the internet, you have probably noticed that those same shoes or that same bike seem to be showing up everywhere? That is retargeting. It is the greatest way that a business can stay top of mind to the audience in this part of the funnel--those who have shown interested in the product or service but have decided not to purchase.

Remarketing targets those almost-buyers and keeps directing them back to that item that they were so close to purchasing. The way that Nick Ponte Marketing successfully implements this strategy for so many of their clients is that they not only use it as a rung within their funnel for PPC campaigns, but they also create an internal sales funnel for the retargeting campaign on it’s own.

If you want to learn more about how Nick Ponte continues to revolutionize marketing for local businesses, visit his agency’s website.