ONE DUBNOV, Park Avenue standards in the heart of Jerusalem

  (photo credit: Studio Aiko)
(photo credit: Studio Aiko)

An architectural marvel is being built in the heart of the eternal city’s upscale Talbiyeh neighborhood. The modernity of the building’s vertical lines and the authenticity of its materials come together to create an edifice like no other in Jerusalem.  

ONE DUBNOV amazes us. 


As the saying goes, “Location, Location, Location.” ONE DUBNOV has it all. First, it is located in the very center of Talbiyeh, the most charming residential area of Jerusalem.  Furthermore, it is located on the grounds of the famous Villa Sherover, a national landmark where Israeli and International dignitaries, distinguished visitors from around the world, and leading members of the Israeli government were are among the usual guests. A peaceful retreat in the middle of the City of Gold.

  (credit: 3D Labo) (credit: 3D Labo)

One of a kind 

In the 3,500 square foot lobby, the luxurious marble floor and the superb spaces are magnificently illuminated by the natural light of the atrium. The developer did not omit a single detail: from the speed of the elevator to the spacious parking spots, everything has been designed for the residents’ ultimate comfort.  No less than four elevators will serve 24 unique apartments, each with its own large and  stunning terrace or garden.

“Luxury in every detail” 

Wealthy individuals from around the world have already acquired their piece of a dream in this boutique building, which will be guarded 24/7 like a New York luxury condo. Some buyers even purchased their apartment without visiting, convinced that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with regards to location, quality, luxury and more, all in one place.  Besides, the discreet developer will keep no less than five apartments and will reside in the  project, which says a lot about his involvement and conviction. A simple walking tour will reveal that the building is far above most Israeli building standards in terms of quality, work and organization. 

  (credit: 3D Labo) (credit: 3D Labo)


As a result, prices have skyrocketed in this unique project. Neither the current economic crisis nor the strong Israeli shekel disrupted this ultra-luxury micro-market. According to the public records of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, buyers have paid anywhere from 15 to 25 million shekels  

to be part of the story. It will be no surprise to see the value of these apartments increase over time given the lack of similar properties in the area and the city. 


According to, there are, to date, only 9 apartments left for sale. Among them, a magnificent penthouse with 360° views of Jerusalem. 

All the apartments exhibit very high standards: floor-to-ceiling windows, heated floors, parquet or marble flooring, smart-home systems and 8-foot high interior doors, among  other details. 

A dream come true 

The developer was not mistaken. “I am building the apartment that I was dreaming to find when I moved to Jerusalem. However, after years of searching in vain, I understood that it simply did not exist. So, I decided to build it myself.” 

He probably did not do it without sacrificing higher potential profits and time than the usual Israeli developer. However, his extensive building experience combined with his unconditional love for Jerusalem and the project helped him realize his dream.

This article was written in cooperation with Marga