Quick start video recording and delivering engaging video conferences with FineCam

  (photo credit: FINESHARE)
(photo credit: FINESHARE)

Do you got frustrated with your computer's subpar webcam? Do you desire to improve your video conference and stand out from the competition? Try using your reliable iPhone instead! You may take crystal-clear video calls and dazzle all of your coworkers and friends by turning your phone into a high-quality webcam. We'll teach you how to configure your iPhone as a webcam using some of the greatest applications in this step-by-step tutorial. Prepare to change the way you interact online!

Introduce FineShare FineCam 

Specifically created for video conferencing and recording, FineShare Fine Cam is an AI virtual webcam. No matter where you are, FineShare Fine Cam can let you easily produce high-definition webcam movies and offer incredibly interesting video conferences. With Fine Cam, you can use iPhone as a webcam and can turn your iPhone into a high-end webcam, elevating your video conference experience. This article is written in cooperation with FineShare Company. 

FineShare FineCam best Video Conferencing WebCam

Online Teaching, video meetings, and seminars may all be conducted using the FineShare FineCam AI Virtual Camera Software, which also includes built-in facilities for screen sharing, chat, and recording. FineCam is implemented to enable long-distance or international communication, enhance collaboration, and reduce travel costs. FineCam is one of the key elements of a successful presentation is how well the presenter maintains audience engagement. When you are physically there with your audience, you may help to engage them by delivering a presentation, training session, meeting updates, or announcement that is both attention-getting and attention-keeping. However, this becomes much more difficult if the audience is not physically present, as with video conference presentations.

We'll look at several important pointers in this post that will help you make captivating video-conference presentations with FineShare FineCam and hold your audience's attention.

Get Start Video Recording with FineCam

FineCam records video from cameras that are connected to computers. Next, it modifies your video to make it more distinctive and striking by modifying the background or the camera's fundamental settings, adding filters and effects, or all three. The final feature is the ability to set up many scenes and cameras, capture pictures, record movies, or stream to well-known services like Zoom, Skype, Discord, etc. When it comes to Use iPhone as webcam, there are several apps that you can choose from. The top ones include FineShare FineCam.


     1. Insert Camera Source (iPhone Supported)

FineCam supports connecting your laptop’s built-in webcam, iPhone camera, virtual camera, and any other webcam to your computer.

     2. Utilize an iPhone as a camera source.

Installing the FineCam app on your iPhone and then syncing it via USB or Wi-Fi to your computer will enable you to use your iPhone as the camera source.

     3. Launch video calls with FineCam

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, OBS, and Discord are just a few of the video conference platforms that Fine Cam supports. For usage with these platforms and FineCam

  • Click the streaming icon on the top right corner of your video to enable the Virtual Camera feature.
  • Open Video App and find the Video Settings and select FineShare FIneCam as the camera source.

     4. Record videos and take pictures

To create content or simply as a backup, you might prefer to capture pictures or film movies.


Best Features of  FineCam of Delivering   Engaging Video Conferences

FineShare FineCamhas a range of features that make it the ideal choice for video conferencing. These features include HD quality images and audio, dual microphone noise cancellation, advanced screen sharing capabilities, and long-range connectivity. All these features come together to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the meeting.

Innovative Ways to Increase Engagement in Your Video Conference Calls

In the digital age, video conference calls have gained popularity as a means of communication between team members, coworkers, and clients. However, when you are limited to the same old video conference style, it can be challenging to keep the conversation interesting and engaging.

In this post, we'll look at several cutting-edge approaches to enhancing the quality of your video conference sessions. In which FineShare FineCamis the best app to create or deliver a video conference. These concepts can help you create an engaging experience for everyone on the call, from utilizing interactive tools like polls and quizzes to establishing an immersive setting with virtual backgrounds and personalized audio effects. Additionally, we'll talk about how AI-powered solutions may improve your video conference meetings by delivering real-time transcription and automated conversation summaries.



Video conferencing can be used to boost team productivity and creativity by creating a collaborative environment where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.This article is written in cooperation with FineShare Company. FineShare FineCam makes it very easy to creating a video conferences & deliver engaging to the partners. In this post, we define all method of creating & delivering a video conference with FineShare FineCam.

This article was written in cooperation with FINESHARE