Reach your full potential on slot games

  (photo credit: PEXELS)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Slot games have long been one of the most popular machines on a casino floor, and their usage has only grown with the explosion of online gambling and casinos.

Over the past decade, online casino offerings have become more readily available as technology has advanced and slot games have consistently been one of the most-played games on these platforms.

Part of the appeal of slot games is their simplicity; you enter your stake, then pull a lever (or click a button if playing online) and if you get a winning combination of symbols, you win money. 

However, slot games aren’t as simple as they may first seem, and players may want to research for the best slot tips before they play online slots. While luck is undoubtedly the most prominent factor when playing the slots, you can arm yourself with some insider knowledge to get the most out of your time there and increase your chances of winning.

That’s not to say these tips are guaranteed to bag you wins on slot games, as there’s no way of doing that, but they will help you reach your full potential on them which, at the very least, will boost your enjoyment when playing.

That ties into one of the key tips for slot games; choose a game that matches your preferences and interests. Most, if not all, slot games will have some sort of gimmick, theme or tie-in to a popular piece of media like a film or TV series.

If you’re playing a slot game that taps into something you’re passionate about - for example, maybe you’re a big Game of Thrones fan and you’re on a slot game based on the series - then you’re more likely to enjoy yourself, even if luck isn’t on your side when it comes to the slots.

This means you’re less likely to seek excitement on the slots in another way; namely by increasing your stakes and thus putting yourself at more risk.

If you’re less interested in entertainment and your slot goals are more focused on maximising your winnings, then you also need to be selective in which games you play and machines you use.

This can be easier to do online as every game will have its RTP (return to player) percentage readily available to view. This percentage represents the amount of money an average player loses for every $1 spent on the game.


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It’s worth noting up front that RTP percentages for slot games are a fair bit lower than that of other casino games like roulette or card games - this is due to the sheer volume of options, odds and percentages available on slots.

So, when looking for games online, always make sure you’re selecting those with the highest possible RTP percentage. This is slightly trickier in a live casino as these statistics aren’t as easy to access, but as a general rule of thumb try to avoid machines that you know someone has lost a lot of money on.

You should also make yourself aware of the various types of games available on the slots. Classic slots are the most common and will have a higher RTP, though their pay-outs are also smaller. 

Some of these will feature pick ‘em bonuses, which don’t require any additional bets but can extend the length of play, making them a good choice for those just looking for a bit of fun and entertainment.

Slots with progressive jackpots provide the potential for huge pay-outs, however they come with more risk as you’ll be sinking more money into them, and the chances of winning are smaller.

Arguably the most important tip for playing slot games is to know your limits. Like any casino game, once you’ve lost some money it can be extremely tempting to keep betting in a bid to recoup your losses, but you can quickly find yourself in a hole.

So, before approaching the slots, set a clear financial limit of how much you’re going to wager in total before stopping. Further still, it’s wise to go in with a small amount of money available.

For example, if playing online then only deposit a small amount of money into your virtual wallet - that way you’re not risking much but you’ve still got the potential to win big. If entering a live casino, leave your cards at home and only take a small amount of cash.

When it comes to how much you’re staking with each spin, it’s worth knowing that larger stakes equate to larger pay-outs. Different machines and games will have varying units of bets - some can be as low as one-cent, others offer 25-cents and the highest is usually one-dollar bets.

One-dollar bets have the largest possible pay-outs, but they of course come with more risk. So, it’s a good move to pick the games which offer the best betting units for your situation and goals.

Slot games are a relatively easy way to have some fun either online or in a live casino and they can also offer some enormous pay-outs. If you want to make the most of your time on them, use some of the tips and insight above to maximise your chances.


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