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  (photo credit: SEA ONE Oranim Club Sixty Five)
(photo credit: SEA ONE Oranim Club Sixty Five)

James Cohen lives in Ramat Gan with his wife and children. For years he's been urging his parents, Marc and Vanessa, to make Aliya from Glasgow, and live close to their family. So far they've refused. They're reluctant to face the many hassles involved; cumbersome bureaucratic procedures, seeking a suitable home, and integrating into a new social environment.

They are not alone. Many over-65s who might want to move to Israel are deterred by all the same reasons that keep Marc and Vanessa staying put in Scotland.

But all that may soon change. The Oranim Group, an Israeli Real Estate Development Company specializing in sea front development, is pioneering Oranim Club Sixty Five, a new line of luxury sea front resorts that aims to eradicate the stress from Aliya for seniors.

Living in Israel will feel like one long vacation: settle into your own private home with all the amenities of a first class resort: maintenance, cleaning, laundry, shuttle service, social activities, fine dining, state-of-the-art gym, spa and pools, lecture halls, art studio, private cinema, business center and conference rooms, synagogue and much more.  Tours, lectures, films, concerts, workshops, bridge classes and art classes, and computer courses are among some of the activities provided to cater to holistic happiness. Round the clock security and concierge services, as well as a Business Lounge with the latest communications equipment, all add to the laid back lifestyle. 

Club Sixty Five will even handle Aliya bureaucracy and arrange Ulpan Hebrew lessons.  Equally fabulous is how new Olim can slip straight into a warm, dynamic community, feeling embraced and right at home, in ultra-elegant accommodation overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea. 

Credit: SEA ONE Oranim Club Sixty FiveCredit: SEA ONE Oranim Club Sixty Five

The flagship resort, Sea One, is currently under construction on the seafront of the city of Rishon Lezion.  Centrally located, Rishon Lezion is a 15-minute drive from Tel Aviv, 20 minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport, and 45-minutes from Jerusalem. With the Promenade literally on the door front, club members have  additional shops, open-air cafes, and restaurants on tap.

Sea One contains 270 apartments of various sizes, ranging from a compact 50 square meters to spacious homes comprising of 125 square meters. Each apartment includes a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen, as well as a private terrace. Unique sea-facing garden apartments are also available. 

Sea One provides all the facilities for happy family events; residents are welcome to celebrate Bar Mitzvas, birthday parties, anniversaries or any other milestones on the premises. Friends and family members are invited to enjoy the restaurants, swimming pools, gym, and spa.  Sea One also offers hotel style accommodation for longer visits of family members. 

Membership in Club Sea One requires a minimum depreciating deposit of NIS 2 million, and an additional monthly maintenance fee, both based on the size and type of apartment. Membership can always be terminated with three-months' notice; the deposit, linked to the Israeli CPI, will then be refunded. 

Sea One: not only a lovely place to live, but also living in a place to love.

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This article was written in cooperation with Sea One