The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul, Says Dr. Steven Dayan

 (photo credit: DR. STEVEN DAYAN)
(photo credit: DR. STEVEN DAYAN)

The eyes convert light into electrochemical impulses in neurons. They are the first link in the information supply chain. After this, the brain must process, interpret, and compile a response, which is then projected in and around the eyes.

While that may be the physiological explanation, William Shakespeare summed it up more eloquently when he said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

But whether medical or philosophical, regardless of what one may verbally communicate, the real story of how one feels is projected by the eyes for all to see.

“Much of what facial plastic surgeons do is divert attention from other parts of the face to the eyes, which are usually the most engaging part on the face,” explains double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan.

“The eyes are what create uniqueness and add depth to the face, and patients want others to focus on this area,” he continues. “Unfortunately, it is also the first part of the face to reveal any issues or problems.”

While this has always been the case, in a world where wearing a facemask is the new norm, the eyes and top third of the face are more important than ever.

According to research (Mehrabian, A. Nonverbal Communication), 55% of how we communicate is nonverbal. Admittedly, this includes body language, but in an era of video calling and facial coverings, the eyes are the true focal point.

“In certain families, aging eyelids are hereditary. And it is characterized by excessive upper eyelid skin and bulging bags under the eyes. This may present itself as early as the late teens to early twenties,” says Dr. Dayan. “Fine wrinkles of the lateral eyelid skin, also known as crow’s feet, surface as early as the late twenties,” he adds.

Stress Affects the Eyes

Hereditary problems are only a part of the story. Apart from the obvious symptoms, the current COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for increased stress levels. Nowhere does this manifest itself more than in the area around the eyes.

As an award-winning facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Dayan has performed innumerable blepharoplasties. This surgical procedure removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. More importantly, invasive surgery is no longer the only answer.

Aesthetic non-invasive procedures to address these specific problem areas have advanced immeasurably in the last few years. Being at the forefront of research into new products and developing groundbreaking procedures, Dr. Dayan is considered to be at the non-cutting edge of aesthetic medicine.

An important aspect of aesthetic medicine is that non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures are quick and effective. They also need little or no recovery time and show none of the tell-tale signs of traditional facial surgery.

“If others can tell a cosmetic treatment has taken place, then it has failed to achieve its goal,” says the best-selling author and award-winning facial plastic surgeon.

Subliminal Difference

“Here at our Chicago clinic, we have developed the Subliminal Difference, which is not only a major advancement in non-surgical techniques but also the philosophy of cosmetic medicine,” explains Dr. Dayan.

“The results are immediately remarkable, and patient satisfaction is tremendous,” adds Dr. Dayan. The procedure is specific for each person. It is rooted in Dr. Dayan’s knowledge and understanding of the scientific elements behind the human perception of beauty and attractiveness. It is a subject he discusses in detail in his NY Times best-seller ‘Subliminally Exposed.'

As for the Subliminal Difference program, procedures include filler below the eyes and along the brows. This treatment will counterbalance sunken under-eye hollows and draw attention to the eyes.

Onabotulinumtoxin-A and abobotulinumtoxin-A, found in Dysport® and Botox®, are also used on the upper half of the face to relax the space between the brows. This procedure also reduces forehead wrinkles and elevates the brows' outer tips to create a friendly and youthful appearance.

In this case, the emphasis is on creating a fresh, youthful appearance for the upper third of the face. Dr. Dayan’s holistic approach to aesthetic medicine also sees the inclusion of filler along with the Cheek Pedestal. This procedure creates the appearance of an elevated cheekbone to highlight the eyes.

“Subliminal Difference enhances facial symmetry to draw attention towards the eyes,” explains Dr. Dayan. “The eyes are the most important facial feature for portraying not only attractiveness but also our every emotion. Whatever the future may hold when it comes to the eyes being the windows to the soul, I’m in full agreement with the Bard on this subject,” says Dr. Dayan.