Euro 2024: Enjoy, but keep the TV at a healthy distance from your eyes

The world is glued to their screen for hours during the the European Football Championship. But does TV really cause nearsightedness and damage our eyes?

FDA approves the first fully autonomous AI for portable diabetic retinopathy screening

AEYE Health's FDA-cleared AI, AEYE-DS, enables autonomous diabetic retinopathy screening using handheld cameras, revolutionizing eye care accessibility and outcomes.


What's the reason behind our frequent blinking? It's not just to maintain moisture!

Why do we blink our eyes so often? It’s not only to keep them moist and keep out annoying particles in the air.

Researchers develop new tool to improve healing of eye injuries

A new type of contact lenses can heal wounds to the cornea using a slow-release drug

Purim at the emergency room: How colored contacts led to one woman's eye damage

Colored contact lenses have become increasingly popular, especially among young people, but there are significant risks to their use, specifically when bought from unauthorized sellers.

Is having a lazy eye something to be worried about? This study reveals it may be

Although there is as yet no proof of causality, children with ‘lazy eye’ have been shown to be at increased risk of serious disease in adulthood.

Bifocal vs. Laser: Multifocal Lens Options

Multifocal lenses and laser surgery both correct various vision problems at once.


This eye doctor has spent 40 years training and treating people in Jerusalem

Over the course of those nearly 40 years, Seelenfreund helped to train 80 resident eye doctors and treated thousands of Jerusalemites.

Lab-grown retinas explain why people see millions of colors but other mammals can’t

With human retinas grown in a petri dish, researchers discovered how an offshoot of vitamin A generates the specialized cells that enable people to see millions of colors.

Do you see different lights when you close your eyes?

Understanding the phenomenon of seeing lights and patterns with closed eyes.

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