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IDF paramedics treat all injuries and emergencies in the West Bank

IDF paramedics have been treating everything including car accidents, births and wounded terrorists.

More than a hospital – transforming healthcare

Assuta Ashdod hospital has become a cornerstone of the Ashdod community, providing healthcare services, hundreds of jobs and health education to the children and youth of the city.

The difference between life and death can be minutes

Assuta Ashdod is making its mark in war and peace.

These hospital robot vulnerabilities were promptly caught and killed

JekyllBot:5, a group of vulnerabilities affecting Aethon TUG robots, has been identified by Cynerio and subsequently eliminated.

The Nobel Prize winner who conducted experiments without consent

Julius Wagner-Jauregg took psychiatric patients who couldn’t move and intentionally infected them with malaria, and then won a Nobel Prize for it.

13/04/2022 showcases the heavy investment in AI-driven medtech

The company’s platform has raised $100 million in its latest round, and shows no signs of stopping.

What medications should you take when you travel?

One of the most common things on any travel equipment list is the medications we want to take with us.

By Dr. Uri Harel/Walla!

I got COVID-19, but Paxlovid saved my life - opinion

I don’t know if it was the Paxlovid or if my immune system is working as it’s supposed to, but within five days, my symptoms started to subside.


Study links severe COVID-19 with infected immune cells

Researchers say the new findings could lead to potential drug development to treat the condition.

Ukrainian refugees offered free medical services in Israel

Many of them are not Jewish and are therefore ineligible for access to universal healthcare in Israel.

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