More and more Orthodox women get nose jobs before arranged marriage dating

Plastic surgery has become a growing trend amongst Orthodox and Modern Orthodox young women before they start dating.


Israel's Dead Sea filled with microplastics, garbage - study

University of Haifa: Huge amounts of waste have been found at the mouth of the Kidron Stream leading to the Dead Sea.

Plastic additives harm corals' reproductive processes - TAU study

The researchers examined four chemical additives that are widely used in plastic products and have been found in seawater in tropical areas.

Microplastic waste exposure on Israeli beaches 'inevitable' - study

Israel's coastline is contaminated with over two tons of microplastics. The most polluted beaches in Israel are in Hadera and Tel Aviv.

TripleW makes sustainable plastic even more sustainable

TripleW has developed an innovative method of producing lactic acid — a fundamental building block in the production of the more-sustainable plastic PLA — out of discarded food scraps.

Bacteria could be used to fight plastic pollution - study

Researchers found that plastic pollution may contribute to the metabolic cycles of aquatic microorganisms.

WeFill reduces its customers’ plastic usage while stocking their pantries

The company’s unique approach to packaging is the cornerstone behind its mission to reduce consumers’ monthly plastic waste

Is silk a safe, biodegradable alternative to microplastics? Study says yes

Microplastics are used in a wide variety of products but their polluting effect on the environment is growing worse. Silk-based alternatives may be more affordable and safer.


US to phase out single-use plastic on public lands, national parks by 2032

"The plastic ban will curb millions of pounds of unnecessary disposable plastic in US national parks and other public lands," Christy Leavitt, a coordinator at Oceana, said.


Liposuction, nose jobs among Israel's most popular plastic surgery procedures

Around 82,000 Israelis underwent plastic surgery in 2021 with 75 of them as a result of complications from procedures performed outside the country.

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