"This Techpreneur is revolutionizing digital marketing: Mr. Shailen Vandeyar”

A burning desire and more than that is the zeal to create an impact on the world, is the most dominant attribute of Shailen.

 (photo credit: SHAILEN VANDEYAR)
(photo credit: SHAILEN VANDEYAR)
A burning desire and more than that is the zeal to create an impact on the world, is the most dominant attribute of Shailen. These are the first impressions when you meet Mr. Shailen Vandeyar, the 25 years old marketing consultant from Durban, South Africa. A name fast picking pace and the persona of a wise digital marketer. A buzzing life and a hectic work schedule, this is a regular for Mr. Vandeyar. Currently, the focus is to network with more people. What makes him the most admirable personality is his aspirations and understanding of the marketing industry. He believes in the life mantra, "Being obsessed and constantly learning when others become complacent."

Whatever Mr. Vandeyar and his team do, they use that across all their brands, clients, and publishers. The work they do is a result of years of analysis and involves algorithms and sought out processes. Being honest and authentic with what is actually achievable and then going beyond expectations is their major chore. @Laugh is one of the largest media accounts on Tik-Tok and is founded and run by Mr. Vandeyar. Having over 1.2 million engaged users channels in numerous opportunities to his table. His work majorly revolves around social media and establishing any brand or a name through substantial internet presence and creating a high-end business profile for clients. And then they perform social media marketing for companies and brands. The process right from getting the client to making it stand out of the crowd is managed by his team. They perform this over various platforms, but the most notable one is Tik-Tok. But it is not like that all these business processes came in smooth and free-flowing overnight. It took multiple hits and trials, errors and ramifications, numerous bad and good experiences. The persistence and the difficulties which he had to overcome to reach where he is today are exceptional.

It can be learned that when it comes to the journey of an entrepreneur, nothing ever comes easy. When Shailen came to this industry, there were not many people around who had that kind of experience that he could use to learn. He had to grasp every aspect of running a digital marketing business all by himself while continuously learning from mistakes and becoming astuter day by day. He made it to the top, and now his name will become an inspiration for the newbies in the industry. We asked him about how he manages to work with clients hailing from different time zones. He smirked and told us that he sleeps less than an average person, which enables him to stay awake during work related to the USA and UK time zones. As for time management, I made proper schedules, have weekly reflections and reviews, so that I can keep myself accountable." Such a humble guy, Mr. Vandeyar, believes that his experiences with life have only given him humility and gratitude towards the journey that is of an entrepreneur. He will surely inspire people and with hope and motivation to rise and shine. May his future endeavors conclude in prosperity and glory.