Tofuu lists 4 Actionable Tips For Aspiring YouTubers Looking To Build A Successful YouTube Channel

 (photo credit: HAYDEN JOSEPH)
(photo credit: HAYDEN JOSEPH)
 Tofuu lays out a few tips for up and comers in the industry to excel as a video content creator and entertainer on YouTube.
It is always very surreal to know about people who have achieved their definition of success in life by self-teaching themselves and hustling all day long. They are the ones who put in their blood and sweat and do not shy away from learning new things each passing day. These individuals are in the true sense of the word perfectionists in their careers who still look out for ways they can further better themselves in their work and craft. The social media and the digital space as a whole is filled with such kind of youngsters who do not believe in getting bogged down by nay-sayers or giving up in any circumstances. Tofuu, is one such young YouTuber who is leading his way to the top as a video content creator from America who only paid attention to his goals and visions in life and hence, reached an indomitable position.

Tofuu is one of the most-followed YouTubers who knows how to attract eyeballs and how to connect with the content he creates. His YouTube channel has a massive 3.8 million subscribers already and the young gun has transformed himself into an entrepreneur with his multi-business platform that features video games, merchandise as well as video content.

Tofuu shares four actionable tips for rising YouTubers for them to achieve success.

  • Be relevant: It is essential for YouTubers to focus on being as much as relevant as possible with the content they create for their channel, points out Tofuu. He says that with keeping up with the changing dynamics of the digital world, one must create content that must be in sync with the current times and trends.
  • Offer something different: Creating content on games and coming up with newer ideas with the video content needs a lot of patience and understanding of the industry. It is important for YouTubers to come up with something different and offer their unique content to the audiences for them to have a better recall value, compelling them to subscribe to their channel.
  • Feel passionate: For any individual to gain success as a YouTuber, he/she should feel the passion and the drive to make creative and relevant video content consistently. This passion keeps the fire ignited in individuals to excel at their niche and grow as YouTubers.
  • Be resilient: All days may not be the same. The industry of social media platforms is where extreme reactions are always doing the rounds. Some days may be full of appreciations, likes, subscriptions and praise, while some other days a YouTuber might also have to face backlash or negative comments. This is when YouTubers must learn to be resilient and spring up again from the negativities, says Tofuu.

At the age of nine, Tofuu who hails from Sun Valley, Idaho had understood the significance of working hard and creating something of his own. He created things in his garage and sold them in the town as a kid. Growing up with the aim to do something in the entrepreneurial world, Tofuu came to learn about YouTube, where he saw many people excelling as content creators. Taking inspiration from them, Tofuu as a teenager began his journey with YouTube in 2010. For his love for video games, he started with giving short Lego reviews and made Minecraft videos, along with videos on other games as well. After a few years, he went for Roblox and ever since has been creating refreshing new video contents on Roblox.

The journey for Tofuu was not an easy one and he constantly failed earlier in his career for five years. However, he realized he needed to do things differently. Hence, he researched who or what was popular and tried to adapt his own unique style as a YouTuber and there he was, already a growing social media sensation. He advises other youngsters to educate themselves properly and be themselves in whatever they do.

To watch his videos, check out his YouTube channel, 'Tofuu' or follow him on Instagram @Tofu