Trusted Gold IRA Companies for IRA/401(K) Rollovers

There are many Gold IRA companies out there, Here is how you make the best choice for Gold IRA investment.

 Most Recommended Gold IRA (photo credit: PR)
Most Recommended Gold IRA
(photo credit: PR)

If you’ve decided to rollover an existing retirement account over to a Gold Investment Retirement Account (IRA), the next question you might have may be which one to choose.  There are many Gold IRA companies out there, each touting their achievements and listing all the reasons that they are your best choice for Gold IRA investment.  It is difficult to know who to trust.

We have done the research, and there are two companies that stand out as the most trusted in the industry according to their gold IRA reviews: Goldco & Augusta Precious Metals.  Each of those companies have a track record of excellence and can help you roll over your existing assets into a Gold IRA account.

In this article, we are going to review these companies, and explain why we picked them as our top choices.  In addition, we will give you information on what you should expect from working with a Gold IRA investment company.

Best Gold IRA Companies for Rollovers:

#1 - Augusta Precious Metals (Visit official website)

  Augusta Precious Metals (credit: PR) Augusta Precious Metals (credit: PR)

Augusta Precious Metals, one of the most praised names in customer service amongst all Gold IRA companies. Money Magazine rated them the best overall in 2022, noting that they are literally honest brokers, even to the point of putting on their website reasons not to own gold. 

Many gold IRA companies use scare tactics or play on investors’ fear of a (highly unlikely) meltdown of the entire financial system and a wholesale collapse of U.S. currency,” Money Magazine noted. Augusta Precious Metals would rather inform their investors to make smart financial decisions that work for them.

As if Money Magazine’s accolades aren’t enough, it is important to point out that Augusta Precious Metals have held TrustLink’s “Best of” rating six years running and having a Consumer Affairs rating of five out of five.  And they have A+ and AAA ratings from the BBB and BCA, respectively.  And regardless of where you look at for reviews, Augusta Previous Metals comes with a constellation of five-star ratings.

Augusta Precious Metals deals specifically buy gold bullion, silver bullion, and IRS-approved coins.  Rolling over your retirement accounts are no problem, and if you want to deal with buying gold and other precious metals directly, Augusta Precious Metals has you covered.  They only use the most trusted names in precious metals custodianship for your storage: Equity Trust, Gold Star Trust Company, and Kingdom Trust. 

What is most impressive is that their customer service comes even before you contact them.  Augusta Precious Metals has a well-stocked video library covering financial investments and offer a free webinar to answer any questions you may have directly.  

They also make the experience of gaining an account seamless.  They offer a live chat service on their website – answer a few questions, and within a few minutes you’ll be ready to set up your account.

Online Ratings, Reviews, & Complaints

In their years of business, Augusta Precious Metals has built a strong reputation as a trusted gold IRA dealer. Below we've curated a list of their ratings across all of the trusted verified client review sites.

 Better Business Bureau
  • 4.97 Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 100 reviews
  • 5.0 Rating  
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
  • Based on 278 reviews
Google My Business
  • 4.9 Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Based on 221 reviews
Business Consumer Alliance
  • AAA Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 85 reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Phone Number: 844-917-2904

Unique, free one-on-one educational web conference designed by Augusta’s on-staff, Harvard-trained economist (A must attend)

Augusta free educational Gold IRA Guide (Claim here)

 Augusta gold ira kit (credit: PR) Augusta gold ira kit (credit: PR)

#2 - Goldco (Visit official website)

Goldo is one of the top rated Gold IRA investment companies, and that is not just our opinion.  NASDAQ recommends Goldco as the best overall Gold IRA company.  In addition, they have been awarded “Company of the Year” by the American Business Awards two years in a row and have been on Inc 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies six years in a row.

If you are looking for customer reviews, Goldco has one of best track records out there.  With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, Goldco has received over two thousand five star reviews across these sites and Google Review.  Clearly, Goldco is among the best for customer service and care.

Goldco makes it easy to convert 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and IRAs into a Gold IRA, giving you the option of funding a new Gold IRA account from these sources up front.  There is no tax penalty for doing this since it is still an IRA in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  You can also open an account with a check or money order if you want to keep your old accounts the way they are.

If you are looking for flexibility, Goldco offers this in many ways.  They deal with silver, palladium, and platinum in addition to gold, and they work with both bullion and coins.  Some of these coins are unique to Goldco, such as the Chuck Norris “Five Principles” silver coin.  

They also offer a wide range of storage options if you are concerned about where you are storing your gold or other precious metals.  And if you are simply not interested in an IRA at this time, you can still work with Goldco to buy gold and silver directly.  And when you are ready to sell, Goldco guarantees the highest buyback price on your precious metals.

Newer investors will find helpful information to guide their financial decisions in Goldco’s blog, which it keeps updated regularly with precious metals news.  The also provide you with a complete investment guide free of charge, no commitment necessary.

As an added incentive to newer investors, Goldco offers 5% back in free silver for invests over $50,000, and 10% in free silver for investments of $100,000 or more.  It is difficult to find another company with Goldco’s reputation that offers this perk.

Why Choose Goldco?

✅ Goldco provides accessible storage for your gold and other precious metals for as long as you own them.✅ The company also supports Gold Backed IRA✅ Goldco has a team of experienced specialists with over a century of combined investing experience.✅ It provides complete transparency about its history, policies, and procedures, among other things.✅ Goldco provides exceptional customer service and educational materials to existing clients.✅ With Goldco, you get to enjoy smooth Gold IRA Rollover process

GoldCo Official Website

Goldco Free investment Kit

 Request Your Free Kit (credit: PR) Request Your Free Kit (credit: PR)

What to Look for When Selecting a Gold Investment Companies

If you are thinking about investing in gold but aren’t completely sold on our recommendations, then we are also providing you a guide to help your selection process.  Knowing how to pick a quality gold investment company will help you avoid getting scammed and will give you peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice.

Reviews and Reputation

The best benchmark for how you can expect your own experience to go with a company is to look at its reviews.  Now, granted, rating anything from one to five stars can be a bit arbitrary – you do not know if the reviewer is being overly generous with their five-star reviews or overly critical for their one star reviews.  But a high number of reviews establishes a reputation, and that reputation should be one of leaving the customer satisfied.

There are also several accredited business review platforms you can look to for more objective measures of quality.  An A+ rating with the BBB or a AAA rating from the BCA means that the company in question stays on top of its reputation and actively works to resolve issues for their customer.

If you are seeing reports of fraudulent behavior or difficulties with communication, then it is best to steer clear of these companies altogether.

Setup Process, Paperwork, and Customer Engagement

Setting up and maintaining a Gold IRA account involves a lot of paperwork.  But this doesn’t have to become a hassle for you.

The three companies that we recommended in this article handle the bulk of the paperwork for you, leaving you stress free.  And the best indicator of that should be in the setup process – if it is overly complicated to start your Gold IRA account, then perhaps it is better to look elsewhere.  

Another tell tale sign of whether the investment company is worth your time is their ability to communicate.  24/7 support and quick responses are just as important as the company being fully transparent and informative.

Up-front Investment and Fee Structure 

It is important to point out that most companies will require you to put up a sizable amount into your initial investment, usually to the tune of $50,000.  There are quality companies that offer you the ability to make smaller investments but be cautious and check their reputations.

The reason that you can expect higher up-front investments is because Gold IRAs carry annual fees for account maintenance and storage at a minimum.  These fees are sometimes waived depending on the amount that you invest, but it is important to consider because high fees can negate any gains that you have made with the appreciation of your precious metals.

Why Should I Roll Over My Retirement Account into a Gold IRA?

The effects of the COVID pandemic still lurking and stagflation is looming, all while our economy is struggling to right itself.  Meanwhile, retirement savers using traditional financial portfolios suffer rapidly devaluating assets as the bear market continues to lumber along.

Gold IRAs offer a way to not only stabilize your retirements but potentially increase their value through this period of economic uncertainty, while offering all the advantages of a traditional IRA.   The taxes on gains made through selling precious metals is deferred until you are ready to enjoy the benefits of the account at retirement, allowing your account to grow tax-free.  Also consider that any investments contributed towards the IRA come off of your income, meaning there is less to tax at the end of the year.

And more importantly, during periods of economic downturns, however, gold and other precious metals do particularly well as compared to any other investment option.  Investing in these metals prior to a corresponding rise can make you significant gains towards retirement.  And once the market conditions stabilize, you are left with an asset that is still expected to rise steadily each year.  

What are the drawbacks of Gold IRAs as opposed to traditional retirement accounts?

Since you are investing in precious metals rather than stocks or bonds, there are no dividends or earnings from the Gold IRA account, and while it is a stable investment under normal market conditions, its gains are slow rising.  Gold is also not a liquid asset, so it may take some time to realize your capital gains.  

As an investor, you should also understand that Gold IRA accounts are self-directed, meaning that you will play a more direct role in what is exchanged in your account.  This may not necessarily be a disadvantage, but it will require you as an investor to stay on top of your investments.

Should I Rollover My Retirement Account into a Gold IRAs?

Gold IRAs offer you the opportunity to diversify your retirement portfolio.  You do not have to put all your eggs into this basket – most financial consultants will recommend that you place no more than 5% to 10% of your total assets into gold, whether as a direct purchase or as part of a Gold IRA.  

You should remember that precious metals are long-term investments, which pairs up nicely with retirement accounts, which are also for the long term.  This means that you have the opportunity to shepherd your wealth and involve yourself directly in its management to make it grow.

In the end, rolling over a portion of your retirement account into a Gold IRA is likely to be a sound financial decision for any investor.  If you are still unsure as to whether investing into gold or rolling over part of your retirement account into a Gold IRA is right for you, then speak with a financial consultant today.  And if you are ready to start investing, check out our recommended companies above, and get ready to experience quality care as you prepare your finances for retirement.

 Best Gold IRAs (credit: PR) Best Gold IRAs (credit: PR)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store gold at my house?

That depends.  If you are buying gold or any other precious metal directly, then how it is stored is entirely up to you.  And gold or precious metals that are traded through your Gold IRA must be stored in facilities approved by the IRS, as per Internal Revenue Code Section 408(m).  

Which is better: Coins or Bars?

Coins offer a different way to trade.  Certain collectors may pay higher amounts that the value of the metal that the coin is minted with due to its rarity or condition.  However, not all collectors value these coins equally, and prices fluctuate. 

Bullion, meanwhile, is bought and sold for the value near its market price.  This means less potential for higher returns, but it is more reliable in price.

What are the costs of opening a Gold IRA?

$100 is the average fee for opening Gold IRAs, and annual maintenance fees are around the same.  However, this fee may be greater, smaller, or waived depending on which company you select and how much you invest.

Is investing in a Gold IRA better than buying gold?

It depends on your preference.  Directly buying gold offers you greater flexibility in what you buy and how you store it but does not come with any tax advantages.  Working through a Gold IRA investment company restricts you to the purchase and selling of what they offer, but have tax advantages and negate the need for you to find buyers on your own. 

Best Gold IRA Companies for Rollovers.

Augusta free educational Gold IRA Guide (Claim here)

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Refer to a professional for investment advice.