What Makes Anime unique in Animation World

 (photo credit: DREAMSTIME)
(photo credit: DREAMSTIME)

In Japan, technically, anime does not mean any animated movie. Anime is most often the animated version of the famous manga (a Japanese word for comics). For decades, Japanese anime characters appeal to viewers because of their distinct look-and-feel, including themes, artwork, storytelling, cultural nuances, and concepts.They are unlike Western comic characters scribbled on the paper like Superman and Spider-Man. 

The anime genre has revolutionized art to a myriad of styles and techniques in the world of motion picture animation. Anime character boasts an assortment of human and inhuman experiences. Also, they typically have visually distinct features and quite limited animation style for movement representation. 

What Makes Anime Unique?

Animation Techniques

Anime uses classical animation production means of storyboarding, character design, and voice acting. It is a form of limited animation in which instead of drawing each frame animator reuses common parts between frames. It means no need to illustrate a completely new scene every time.

As a result, this technique makes viewers believe that there is more movement than actually that is happening. Moreover, this makes anime production cost-effective and time-saving as lesser frames are drawn during the process.

Anime forms a more stylized result that liberates the animators from stringent adherence to depict the real-time world. Anime art styles range from direct and straightforward to bizarre and flamboyant. Not to mention, even series having basic artwork are visually striking for many viewers. 

Scenes in anime movies put stress on attaining 3D views with backdrops portraying the atmosphere of the scene. For instance, you will often see changing seasons in many anime films like Tenchi Muyo.

Unique Storylines

You won't always see a general concept in anime shows. The storyline in these series can vary from tales of samurai to humorous adventures and pirate attacks. Most of these shows and movies differ from their American equivalents because of their plots, which do not change till the last series.

Moreover, many anime storylines depict morals and an amount of complexity. Besides, the lengthy storyline of the series keeps the audience glued over the long run. Therefore, it intrigues viewers who like to watch a plot interpreting over upcoming episodes. 

Not Only for Kids

One of the key features of anime is from children to adults; everybody loves watching these series. You will find exclusively kids-friendly anime projects such as Pokémon and My Neighbor Totoro. At the same time, teenagers and older adults will find animes like Death Note and InuYasha. 

Besides, adults also find them engaging due to the nature of their plots. In fact, most of the storylines are adult-themed, such as Queens Blade and Monster. The complex anime characters expect matured watchers to comprehend from that complexity.

In general, this genre is created in a way that interests people of every age group. Even the use of humor in the anime plot is primarily to mitigate a more violent or darker theme. It, eventually, engages adult viewers more.

Different Types of Anime Characters

Here are some of the most popular anime character types.


One of the all-time favorite and most popular types of anime characters is Shonen, such as Dragon Ball and Son Goku. They mostly attract younger boys. 

Generally, they are male protagonists with muscles, good martial arts skills, and some superpower to boost their strength. The key nature of these anime characters of rumyittips is that Shonen always acknowledges their friends and is willing to support and fight for them. 


The Seinen character is unlike Shonen as it attracts a more mature audience, spanning across people in their 20s to 40s. They can be found in different movie concepts ranging from action, politics, and science fiction to sports. 

These shows often discuss complex life issues and dilemmas. Hence, adult life experience is necessary to understand and enjoy the storyline revolving around Seinen.


Amongst the most overplayed 'dere dere' anime character types with pinned-up hair or pigtails. They have cat eyes but are less rounded.

Tsunderes come from two terms - "tsun-tsun" and "dere-dere," which means aloof and love-struck, respectively. Hence, this anime character changes her nature from aloof and nasty to tender and loving.

They are all characterized by their connection with the main character. Also, they blush a lot when someone hints about their feelings for the male protagonist. These anime types lack real people's characteristics because a person's whole reactions won't revolve around only a single person.


Yandere is another charming anime from 'dere' anime character type who is too much in love with someone. They may seem harmless on the surface, but deep inside, they may be quite controlling, obsessive, and seldom just crazy. Several Yandere characters are also known to be a stalker. 


Next in line are Underes, who are kind-hearted and friendly characters. Their name originated from the noise that they make, i.e., 'un' that signifies reconciliation. 

Underes can do almost anything for their loved ones. Sometimes, they are just ready to go wherever their significant other is planning to go on a date. Also, you will find some of them are willing to put themselves at risk and hurt others. 

Wise Guy & Straight Man

A classic comedy duo that takes light-hearted jabs at each other. They are mostly age-old besties in the anime series who keep playing jokes and a punchline. 

Usually, the Straight Man addresses everything sincerely and provides a rationale, straightforward, and general viewpoint. The Wise Guy is a real jokester who responds to the remarks and actions of the Straight Man with puns and wisecracks. Thus, the story depicts one character starts the topic of discussion, and another character intervenes, corrects, and plays the fool to him. 

Final Words...

This unique film-making style has rightly created its space all across the world. If you are a novice looking to get your feet wet, the anime characters won't fail to impress you. There are a plethora of anime movies and shows airing on Television and streaming platforms to choose from and explore any anime character.