Donald Trump releases NFTs of himself as laser-shooting superhero for $99

The video stated that 'America needs a superhero' with dramatic music playing in the background, followed by the promise of a major announcement to be made on Thursday.

Antisemitic cartoon targeting Azeri leader circulates on Iranian social media

This cartoon is part of a larger campaign of Iranian anti-Azerbaijan content; the two predominantly Shiite countries have been at odds for decades.

Oy Gevalt! The Jewish cartoons of Julius Kaplan

His works are available for viewing on Instagram at “oygevaltcartoons,” and he has a dedicated group of followers who receive the weekly edition via Whatsapp.


The SpongeBob SquarePants theme song is now in Yiddish

Now the Jewish world knows how to say “SpongeBob SquarePants” in Yiddish, thanks to a translation of the animated kid show’s theme song by Eddy Portnoy.

By Jackie Hajdenberg/JTA

Legendary Israeli political cartoonist Ranan Lurie dies, age 90

At his peak, he was being published simultaneously in a thousand different news outlets.

The Israeli-Egyptian ‘Bird of Peace’ trilogy

In the following trilogy, illustrator Richard Codor, Rabbi David Geffen and Judge Steve Adler share their story of the Israeli-Egyptian Bird of Peace.


Arizona congressman uses Attack on Titan intro to attack Democrats

A video parodying the introduction of Attack on Titan, with photographs of Republicans and Democrats photoshopped onto the military fighters and titans, was shared on Sunday by Rep. Paul Gosar.

Animix, the animation/cartoon fest, returns to Tel Aviv

The festival is celebrating its 20th year – plus one, because of the 2020 version– and at age 20, it is a force to be reckoned with in Israel’s cultural landscape.

South Park latest episode: South ParQ Vaccination Special

South Park's citizens vaccinated against COVID-19 thanks to Israel

An Israeli plane titled "Air Israel" in the theme and font of ElAl landing in South Park's city with an Israeli man coming out of it and distributing boxes of vaccines.

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