Why getting a high-quality hair transplant in Turkey costs less?

  (photo credit: Medpoint Global)
(photo credit: Medpoint Global)

Whether you’ve been losing your hair for years or have just noticed the first signs of shedding, you’ve probably heard about the industry-leading hair restoration procedures performed in Turkish clinics. During the last couple of years, Istanbul has established itself as the world’s capital of hair transplants.

What do Turks have that the rest of the world doesn’t?

A whopping number of world-class doctors from all fields of medicine live and work in Turkey.

Some of them practice medicine in Medpoint Global, one of the most respected hair transplant clinics located in the heart of Istanbul. In Medpoint Global, we’ve found an explanation for Turkey’s incredible popularity as a top destination for medical tourism. It’s high-grade quality combined with low prices.

Here’s why a hair transplant in Turkey costs less and everything else you want to know:

Hair Loss Treatments at the Medpoint Global Clinic

In Istanbul, Medpoint Global is a household name when it comes to plastic surgery. Some of the highest qualified and most experienced surgeons lead the clinic’s team of knowledgeable doctors and attentive medical workers. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology, diagnostics, and precision tools.

Besides hair loss treatments, Medpoint Global specializes in dental and eye operations.

For its expert contributions to aesthetic medicine and for advancing the field of plastic surgery, Medpoint Global was awarded the flattering title of “The Best Revolutionary Hair Transplant Center of the Year” at the International City Awards. According to their patients’ testimonies, such a title is well-deserved.

Medpoint Global has more than 12 years of experience. During this time, the clinic has catered to more than 10,000 patients from 35 countries around the world. The clinic’s current success rate is 99%.

Superb Healthcare for Low Prices at Medpoint Global

Despite the awards and word-of-mouth, both of which refer to the Medpoint Global clinic as one of the best places to receive a hair transplant in the world, the Istanbul native still boasts some of the lowest prices in this medical niche. Generally speaking, it costs way less to receive a hair transplant in Turkey.

The answer on everyone’s mind is - how do they keep their prices so affordable?

The kind and informative medical staff at Medpoint Global say that the number one reason for this is the country’s economy. In this regard, Turkey is one of the healthiest countries in the world. It’s cheaper to study medicine, start a healthcare business, and practice medicine here than in most places in the world.

There are three hair transplant pricing pages currently available at Medpoint Global. If you’re interested in more information on prices and packages, feel free to reach out to the clinic via phone or email.

Medpoint Global’s All-Inclusive Healthcare Experience

But Turkish healthcare isn’t only of the highest quality; it’s also very luxurious.

Medpoint Global is one of the Istanbul-based clinics that offer the so-called all-inclusive healthcare experience. Since many of the clinic’s patients come from abroad, they are provided a full medical tourism package, including hair implantation, post-op care, accommodation, and a personal driver.

The full package includes:

  •       Free computerized hair analysis
  •       VIP accommodation and transfer
  •       Postoperative care and medicine
  •       24/7 online consultant support
  •       Cultural tour of beautiful Istanbul

That means that, by booking a hair transplant in Istanbul, you’re getting both the medical services and the traveling experience. Of course, the accommodation is provided only for the duration of the hair transplant procedure, including the initial consultation and the post-op appointment with the surgeon.

Hair Transplant Services Offered by Medpoint Global

The treatments available at the Medpoint Global Clinic in Istanbul are:

  •       Hair transplant
  •       Beard transplant
  •       Eyebrow transplant
  •       Unshaven hair transplant
  •       Female hair transplant
  •       Otolog plus stem cell hair transplant
  •       Graft steam infusion therapy
  •       360-degree vertex hair transplant
  •       Painless anesthesia hair transplant
  •       Hair mesotherapy treatment
  •       Hair laser treatment
  •       Computerized hair analysis

The most popular treatments in Medpoint Global’s versatile offer are DHI and FUE hair transplant. These techniques have been perfected in Turkey to deliver the most natural-looking results in the safest way possible. There is no pain or discomfort during the operation, which is performed under local anesthesia.

The easiest way to describe the FUE hair transplant technique is by breaking down the acronym - FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. It is a painless, risk-free procedure that involves taking hair follicles from the back of your neck and implanting one hair graft at a time into little canals on the donor area.

The surgeons at Medpoint Global use a special Sapphire pen for this procedure.

DHI hair transplant is very similar to the FUE technique. Both procedures last only a couple of hours, after which you go to your room to rest. In most cases, you’re free to leave Turkey in 3 days. You will see the first results in a few weeks. After a couple of months, the transplanted hair looks like it was always there.

The only difference between these two techniques is that the surgeon is able to make the canals in the donor area and implant hair at the same time during the DHI operation. It’s more accurate and faster.


If you’re looking for a quality hair transplant, look no further than Turkey.

Medpoint Global is one of the best clinics there, operated by the most experienced healthcare specialists and equipped with the most advanced medical tools. You can schedule your online consultation today, free of cost. Hair transplants in Turkey are the leading in the world and still the most affordable ones.

This article was written in cooperation with Crabs Media