Why You Don’t Need to Pay for Mobile Games Ever Again!

Want to play your favorite mobile games but don’t want to shell out some cash? Don’t worry, here’s a helpful guide on how to download the latest APKs for free!

pay-mobile-games-1 (photo credit: PEXELS.COM)
(photo credit: PEXELS.COM)
Mobile gaming has become so big during the past years. Nowadays, there’s rarely a person without a smartphone in his pocket. And what’s even more interesting is that according to TechJury, 43% of all smartphone use is for games! This means that games have been an integral part of our daily lives.
games for mobile. At first, most games required you to pay upfront to be able to 
In-app Purchases – The newest and most common way on how developers make money from their games today is from in-app purchases. In this model, players are free to download the game. However, there are items in the game that can only be bought with real money such as gold, power-ups, and other items.
Freemium – In this slightly different model, the game is still free to download. The only difference is, you’ll need to pay to unlock further levels. This means that the games under these are basically allowing players to try out their game for free. And if they like it so much that they want to play the whole game, they’ll need to pay for the whole experience.
Free with Ads – In this model, the game is absolutely free to download. There are no in-app purchases or anything. But their game is riddled with ads. Some games are even being sponsored as a whole by companies!
Paid – This is the old fashion way of doing things. In this monetization model, you need to pay to download the game. But once you download it, you don’t need to pay further.
How You Can Play Mobile Games for Free
Download it. But after a few years, some realized that this doesn’t work anymore. So, they now implement in-app purchases to lure people into downloading the game for free, only to pay for in-game items. However, the existence of revolutionary websites such as
Techbigs allows you to download mobile games for free! 
How Game Companies Make Money
Over the years, developers have always come up with some ways to make money through their games. They’re always testing and experimenting new ways to make money through their games. To understand how developers make money from games, here are the 4 monetization models for mobile games:
Image: pexels.comImage: pexels.com

Image: pexels.comImage: pexels.com
Now that we understand how developers make money through games, it’s hard to enjoy some games without shelling out extra cash. That’s where free website resources such as Techbigs.com come in. These sites have an extensive resource library for all the mobile games you’ll ever need. This means that you can download all your favorite games for free. Some even have a modded version where you have an unfair amount of in-game currency to enjoy the game! Now you don’t have to pay a single cent to play any mobile game!