Works of art totaling NIS 1.5 million presented for sale at Halsartan exhibition

Zohar Jacobson (photo credit: RAFI DELOYA)
Zohar Jacobson
(photo credit: RAFI DELOYA)

The art works are presented for sale at the Halasartan (Stop Cancer) art exhibition, a private contemporary art show established in 2021 by Shoham Eliaz and Israel Eliyahu that gives space to Israeli beliefs at eye level. NIS 1.5 million worth of art is presented for sale, with all of the proceeds going to the Halasartan association, the largest community of young cancer patients in Israel.

Zohar and Yankela Yacobson, founders of Halasartan: "13 years ago, our daughter Tal died of cancer. Since then, we have been promoting, supporting and helping young cancer patients with tailored, accessible treatment and, together with complementary medicine, are succeeding in bringing substantial changes.

"Seeing the commitment and mobilization for this important cause excites us and gives us strength to continue working for cancer patients."