Cancer Treatment

What started off as a simple manicure ended up as skin cancer

It started with a simple manicure just before Thanksgiving, and almost ended with a finger being amputated.

By Walla!

For the first time in Israel: Breakthrough cancer treatment employed in Holon

The treatment involved the injection of a radioactive substance called Oncosil into a patient diagnosed with advanced-stage pancreatic cancer. 


This type of cancer is preventable. There's no reason to die from it today

Prof. Tali Levy, director of the gynecology and oncology unit at Wolfson Hospital, explains everything you need to know about cervical cancer, and how risk can be lowered from a young age.


The battle against neuroblastoma, the rare and deadly child-killing cancer

An Israeli woman fights to cure the rare and deadly cancer neuroblastoma, which killed her baby.

Chemotherapy before surgery cuts risk of return of colon cancer -study

The results of a recent trial show potential benefits of undergoing chemotherapy before surgery for colon cancer.

This popular vegetable may be able to prevent cancer

New research has found that tomatoes and potatoes contain particularly powerful plant compounds that may help fight cancer. So how exactly does it work and is this really possible?

By Walla!

BIU: New molecular blocker halts breast cancer metastasis

A combination of cellular and structural biology advances the fight against breast cancer in a way never before possible.

The power of the soul makes miracles happen -opinion

With all due respect to the important treatments the world of cancer medicine has to offer, the patient’s spirit can have an outsized impact.

A Rachashei Lev volunteer with a cancer patient; the ‘Party Ambulance’ rolls up next to a child in h

Innovative new drug could be key to combatting childhood brain tumors - study

Mixing these two cancer drugs could be the answer to childhood brain cancer treatment.

Community gardening helps reduce cancer, boost mental health, study shows

A study shows that gardening outdoors helps you get more exercise, increase your consumption of fiber and reduce your risk of cancer.

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