Cancer Treatment

A tray containing cancer cells sits on an optical microscope in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School
Israel becomes first country to incorporate breakthrough leukemia therapy

The results from the study constitute a historical breakthrough after twenty years for the 160,000 patients across the world suffering from this common form of leukemia.

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Cancer is not magic

Follicular lymphoma is a chronic cancer, treatable but incurable, with no magic bullet hovering on the horizon. It’s not unlike the long-term prospects for COVID-19.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer
Cancer treatments significantly affected by diet, researchers find

Changes in diet can increase the toxicity of a chemotherapeutic drug by up to 100-fold.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer
Student struggles to fund her mother's only life-saving cancer treatment

Riben has been struggling to find a way to fund an alternative cancer treatment that costs NIS 25,000 every three weeks.

Immunai co-founders (from left) Luis Voloch and Noam Solomon
Israel’s Immunai first to map whole immune system, scores $20m. investment

Immunai says it has mapped out millions of immune cells and their functions that could help detect, diagnose and treat cancer and many other diseases.

A Rachashei Lev volunteer with a cancer patient; the ‘Party Ambulance’ rolls up next to a child in h
Top Israeli physician: All childhood cancer to be curable by 2040

Prof. Shai Izraeli says ‘When you talk about specific cancers, like Hodgkin lymphoma and standard-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the rate of survival is more than 90%.’

An innovative cancer treatment saves 75-year old patient

While Israel's medical system is intensely focused on the fight against coronavirus, other patients are not being ignored. Hospital staff moved mountains to save this patient's life.

Emergency Medical Technicians wearing protective gear wheel a sick patient to a waiting ambulance du
Cancer surgeries and organ transplants delayed by coronavirus outbreak

'All this has happened in two weeks. We went from business as usual to we have to cancel everything and stay home. I’ve never seen things change on a daily basis the way they are now.'

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer
New partnership ensures cancer patients receive life-saving treatment

For cancer patients unable to afford private methods of transportation, limited public services could mean losing access to life-saving treatment.

Prof. Reuven Or, from the Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cancer Immunotherapy Research Center, spea
HU professor wins over 3m. euro grant for groundbreaking cancer research

Three Hebrew U. researchers win a total of over 7m. euros from the European Research Council for "ground breaking and high risk projects" including the treatment of adult leukemia.

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