Zionism 2020 is Alive and Kicking: A wave of many Jews and Israelis are asking to return home

As a result of the global Corona crisis many Israelis living abroad have decided to return home and Jews from communities across the globe are asking to make aliyah.

 (photo credit: OFIR KRAUS (EAGLE-EYE))
(photo credit: OFIR KRAUS (EAGLE-EYE))
As a result of the global Corona crisis many Israelis living abroad have decided to return home and Jews from communities across the globe are asking to make aliyah. Will Corona Zionism bring with it another wave of Israeli settlers, similar to the waves of immigrants in the 60s and 70s? Which are the most attractive cities for new neighborhoods? What are the prominent characteristics immigrants take into account before purchasing an apartment?
Since the founding of the state to the current day, history has proved that global crises leave their mark on Jewish communities across the world, increasing the number of those making aliyah to Israel. Israel’s coping abilities and high functioning throughout the crisis have coined a new phrase, Corona Zionism.
The global Corona crisis has resulted in many Israelis, who emigrated abroad for various reasons, asking to return home and many Jews living in various communities across the globe taking an interest in making aliyah. Have you too found yourself examining places to live? Attractive areas for employment? Quality education? Life in an enveloping and embracing community? And who are the real estate entrepreneurs who make it possible to realize your dream of a home and move forward economically without giving up financial security and peace of mind?
Photo credits – Ofir Kraus (eagle-eye)
Photo credits – Ofir Kraus (eagle-eye)
“Avney Derech” Group, who have been active for over a decade, have so far populated 1,000 housing units and are in the planning and construction stages of an additional 2,500 housing units, leading a unique and original business world view that combines business thinking, creative social Zionist measured thinking, allowing hundreds of families whose dream of buying an apartment seemed far from possible, to purchase an apartment, and even move forward financially. The company specializes in finding housing solutions for young couples and families with children thanks to the perfect professional envelope they provide their customers. And as part of that, they are the only entrepreneurs with a subsidiary that currently manages about 500 units owned by home buyers from Israel and abroad.
In addition, the group owns a mortgage consultation firm that accompanies buyers throughout the financial process of taking out a mortgage or other loans.
“Avney Derech” Marketing and Sales Director Ariel Edelstein notes that “Unlike other real estate entrepreneurs operating in Israel, in addition to being a business company, the goal here at our company is to really help individuals and families move forward financially. This is first and foremost both in terms of financial education for economic security and in terms of settling the land. When you help a young couple or family with children, you see that they do not have the tools and understanding how to buy and what to buy, and you guide them to purchase the home that is suitable for them and right for them and not the one that is right for the bank or the contractor but truly right for them. The results speak for themselves.
Edelstein further adds that if in previous waves of immigration, expensive cities such as Jerusalem and Ra’anana or seaside cities such as Tel Aviv, Netanya, Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Ashdod and Ashkelon were very attractive to new immigrants and were identified with them, in the current reality, new immigrants are looking for new community living environments that are built around a mixture of leisure services, providing meeting places for the neighbors, allowing new friendships in the neighborhood. And no less important, neighborhoods which are comparatively cheaper than those in high demand cities where apartment prices start at one million shekels. In other words, welcome to the periphery.
“Urban life provides us with comfort and proximity to necessary leisure activities, education, culture and commerce, but often there is also alienation and a sense of loneliness: many residents who live in large cities don’t always know their neighbors and many – particularly new immigrants – are lacking friendships in their neighborhood” Edelstein emphasizes. For this reason, in recent years, Zionism and community life have become fashionable again and are of the leading criteria for families when they buy a new apartment.
One of the cities grabbing the attention of immigrants recently is Be’er Sheva. The group, that began business operations in Be’er Sheva, is coming full circle with the “Lipstick on the Park” project in the city. Accelerated infrastructure development in the area, connecting the capital of the Negev with convenient public transport of trains and buses to Ben Gurion airport, the north and center of the country, and all in short time frames, has made the city extremely attractive. Moreover, it is much more lucrative to find an apartment in Be’er Sheva, due to relatively low real estate costs. Because buying and renting prices of apartments and houses in Be'er Sheva are significantly lower than in Central and Northern Israel.
“Lipstick on the Park” project is being constructed in the new “Nahal HaPark” neighborhood and includes 7 buildings and 168 housing units, from large 3-5 room apartments for families with children, garden apartments, mini penthouses and spacious penthouses. The price range starts at ILS 1,150,000.
“If we take for example the process a family goes through when buying an apartment in our Lipstick on the Park project in Be’er Sheva” explains Edelstein, “we accompany them from the initial consultation stage when deciding what type of apartment to purchase. Our mortgage consultants assist families in taking out the correct mortgage for them and in managing the property if they decide to put it up for rent. Thus, we provide families interested in purchasing an apartment full support in the process”.
“As other examples, there are the additional projects we are building in Tel Aviv, in the new and modern city of Harish, Yokne’am, Lod, Alfei Menashe, Beit Shemesh and more. In all of our nationally deployed projects from north to south, east to west, we do not offer every apartment to our customers; our sales people arrive at the project with customers and examine the apartment in depth and only if they conclude that it is suitable for customers and meets their needs, and that it will significantly advance them, only then do they close the deal”.
“The combination of our indoctrinated values to settle the country alongside the aspiration to promote our customers and our desire to accompany buyers and give them the perfect surroundings is a winning product called “Avney Derech”.
Dalia Ezer-Malimovka | Spokeswoman
Avney Derech Group
Mobile: 052-6678360