'We will throw them into the sea'

IHH head calls for violence, "martyrdom" in new 'Marmara' footage.

mavi marmara passengers 311 (photo credit: IDF Spokesperson)
mavi marmara passengers 311
(photo credit: IDF Spokesperson)
New footage from the Mavi Marmara was released by the Foreign Ministry on Friday afternoon, this time showing IHH head Bülent Yildirim inciting to violence against Israeli commandos hours before the encounter that claimed the lives of nine Turkish passengers.
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“We follow in the footsteps of the martyrs,” Yildirim could be seen declaring to a large crowd of activists. “You shall see, we will definitely claim one or two victories.”
Yildirim went on to urge the ship’s passengers not to turn back as other flotillas had done, but rather to resist the attempt to divert the ship. “We don't want to be recorded in Allah's book as cowards,” he said in Turkish and Arabic.
An Egyptian parliamentarian who was also present led the activists in the room in a chant, “Martyrs marching into Gaza by the millions.”
Yildirim then threatened, “If you send the commandos, we will throw you down from here and you will be humiliated in front of the whole world." He added, “If they board our ship, we will throw them into the sea, Allah willing!"
He later called Israel “weak,” saying it resorted to propaganda to combat the activists’ determination to reach Gaza. “We thought [Israel] considered itself a state,” he could be heard saying. "It's not a state."