Kolganov and Lufan come up short at kayaking worlds

Lufan calls failure to win world championship medal on Sunday "a little disappointing."

kolganov 88 (photo credit: )
kolganov 88
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Michael Kolganov and Barak Lufan failed to fulfill the high expectations for a world championship medal on Sunday after finishing in fifth place in the K2 500-meter final and sixth place in the K2 200m final at the Flatwater Racing World Championships. The Israelis were only 0.456 seconds from a bronze medal in the 200m and 1.146 seconds from third place in the 500m. "It is a little disappointing," Lufan said after his frustrating day in Szegad, Hungary. "We were very close but that wasn't good enough." Kolganov, who won the gold medal in the K1 500m at the world championships in Szegad eight years ago, was hoping for a repeat performance on Sunday with youngster Lufan. Despite the disappointment, Kolganov will console himself as his less-experienced teammate gained world championship exposure that will help the two achieve future success. Also on Sunday, Larissa Peisakhovitch and Marina Levkovic finished fifth position in the women's K2 500m B final. Hungarian women completed a nine-event sweep with three more golds on Sunday.